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12 Obvious Signs That She Is Crazy About You


12 Obvious Signs That She Is Crazy About You

We’ve all been there. You set your eyes on the most gorgeous woman in the room. You go up and speak like a man but you’re left with a thousand butterflies in your stomach as she leaves soon. “Does she like me back? Did I make a good impression?”

Well, you’d feel at ease to note this: the manliest of men feel this overarching emotion of fluttering happiness and uncertainty when he meets a beautiful woman he likes. The enchanting mystery of a woman attracts him. If you feel the same way but you just cannot be sure about her thoughts about you, read on!

We’ve listed 12 traits of a woman which signify her interest in you. Here it goes:

1. She always tries to stay close to you

Whenever you’re hanging out with her and a bunch of mutual friends, she always manages to stay close to you physically. She never lets you get too cosy with anybody else while she’s around.

2. She’ll ask you about yourself

She likes to open up with you but expects the same level of transparency from you as well. She asks you personal questions to get to know you better. Girls are really choosy when it comes to men so don’t give out info about everything you are embarrassed about!

3. She acknowledges your stupid sense of humor

She laughs at literally every joke that comes out of your mouth, no matter how bad the level of humor is. She loves to make you feel validated about your fun quotient. But seriously, you better work on your jokes!

4. She keeps up with solid eye contact

If you catch her looking at you constantly from across the room, you can be confident. And if she looks away hurriedly, blushing – you’re in for a treat!

5. She doesn’t steal your thunder

Imagine this scene: you’re with your group of friends and you’re rambling on about that one movie you’re passionate about. People might try to interrupt you but she will never do so! Instead, she tells others to shut up and let you be the centre of everyone’s attention. Seriously, she’s the one!

6. She asks you directly about your relationship status

Girls are not always mysterious creatures. Sometimes, they become impatient upon realizing that the guy isn’t picking up on their hints. That’s when they decide to get direct. So, if the girl is asking you whether you have a girlfriend or not, this is probably her last resort.

7. She reveals everything that has been going on in her private life

She trusts you. She knows you won’t gossip about her life. A woman seldom shares her personal sphere with anybody else. So, if she already is doing so, she likes you.

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8. She is very active to respond to your social media posts

Her name pops up on your screen as soon as you post a video on Facebook. She love reacts to your posts and comments promptly whenever it’s suitable. Can’t you see the signs already?

9. She loves to talk in a playful tone to strike up banter against you

She never lets an opportunity pass to mock you playfully. She might have a list of names to ridicule you for your recent haircut or your oversized t-shirt. You get the point, don’t you?

10. She doesn’t feel awkward when you violate her personal space unintentionally

You try to grab the fork from her end of the table and you lean in. You are literally 6 inches away from your first kiss with her. She looks into your eyes and smiles. You take the fork, look at her… and walk away.

Seriously, what’s wrong with you?

11. She cancels all her plans to hang out with you

Does she like you? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind (and the subheading itself.)

12. She lets her friend know about you

You see her across the room. She looks at you but looks away to speak to her friend. Now, both of them are looking at you. Her friend knows as well. What are you waiting for? Go ask her out!

The incredible featured image was taken by Sean Archer

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