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7 Types Of Love You’ll Experience In This Lifetime–Each One For A Specific Reason


7 Types Of Love You’ll Experience In This Lifetime–Each One For A Specific Reason

When you say the word love, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Twin flame? Soul mate? Well, that’s perfectly all right since this is how most people like to perceive love.

The irony is that while we have a singular definition of love in our mind, it is not how it really exists. It comes in all sizes and shapes, and emerges from the most common places in our life.

And for those who have a picture perfect image of love in their heads created by popular media are more often than not, disappointed by its not so perfect results.

So below are given 7 kinds of love that can be found in our regular life.

1. Romantic Love

This kind of love is of course the most common one that almost all of us have experienced in our life. Movies and songs have also contributed a lot in adding color to it. However, the honeymoon period of this love doesn’t last for long. It’s passionate at the beginning but gradually other concerns take precedence. It is fun to experience it and it makes the couple feel young and alive. At the same time, it is not enough to sustain them for long and new shades of love take over from there.

2. Friendly Love

This is the kind of love that it is believed outlasts all other kinds of love. It’s lighthearted, non-judgmental, and has least expectations from the other end. We all have that one friend who we can call at any hour of the day and just pour out all our emotions without any inhibition. That friend for whom we can travel cities and cross-rivers to meet is the one who falls under this category. Remember watching Friends and Gossip Girl, those are the kind of friendships that belong here.

3. Love for the family

You know the first one to truly love you was your family. They reserved all their love for you. Most of the times, when we are surrounded with our friends and our lover, we tend to forget how lucky we are to have a family too. We can share all our emotions and feelings with them and at any time in our life.

4. Love for everyone

Human beings are social animals. They sustain themselves by sharing love with each other. When you are seeking love from one person only and don’t receive anything in return, don’t be disappointed. There are many others who are in need of your love. Share your affection with them; they are the ones who have never received love from anyone in their lifetime.

Be it orphans or senior citizens, abandoned in shelter homes, or animals that need attention, you can always direct your love to them.

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5. Love without commitments

This is the kind of love that requires no bonds and has no expectations. This is practiced by those who do not want to settle for a commitment that demands too much of their attention. But like I already said, love is a human need, and this too is a small slice of love that most would like to take a taste of every now and then.

6. Pragmatic Love

Once romantic love takes a backseat, pragmatic love takes over. It’s practical, focused, and organized. Unlike romantic world that only looks into the lover’s eyes, this one strictly follows the priority list. With kids, professional requirements, and other concerns in life, love becomes more practical and systematic than before.

7. Love for oneself

Before you start loving someone else, fall in love with yourself. This is the best way to know your inner self and, once that’s achieved, you fill find love with great ease. You will not seek validation from the outside world. The strength and self-confidence that you will achieve will give you tremendous courage to face any problem in life. Also, it will add to your charisma that everyone around you will envy.

Now, for this to happen, you will have to develop self love which will help you organize your thoughts and understand your choices. And once you master the art of self-love, your romantic love will also find you more attractive than before.

The featured image was made by an incredible artist Tomasz Alen Kopera

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