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10 Signs A Woman Shows When She Is Interested In You


10 Signs A Woman Shows When She Is Interested In You

Human beings are complex creatures and most of the times they can’t bare their soul and let others enter their hearts. It is so difficult to be vulnerable, to know what is in your heart and to show it to the world. Women too go through the same dilemma whereby they can’t overtly express their feelings but do so with certain actions.

How do you know that a woman is interested in you? Does she come up to you and blurt it out? How do you make a right move that won’t take her by surprise and make her truly happy?

There are several signs that indicate a woman is into you, here are a few:

1. Smile

“Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

When you love someone, you see the world through rose tinted glasses. When a woman truly likes you, you will see her smile spontaneously while she is spending time with you. Everyone can distinguish a cold fake laugh with a heartfelt one; that is where you know if her emotions are genuine. She may also break into a squeamish and nervous smile; that is because she likes your company. If you see a woman is being her true self, then you know she is comfortable with you.

2. Touch

Women usually have their guards up because they do not want to indicate something they don’t want. If a woman touches your arm, pats you or rests her hands on your legs, she is definitely interested. These are subtle hints she uses to show you she is comfortable and really into you. Don’t let these signs pass off as “nothing” because it is a big thing for a woman to let her guards down.

3. Acceptance

When you like someone, all you see are the amazing qualities and make excuses for the flaws. That’s just the way it is. One always tries to magnify the common factors, harp on the harmony and agree on the same things. So, when a woman is interested in you, she will drop compliments, agree with you and accept all your idiosyncrasies. She will make you feel wanted.

4. The Way They Look At You

As they say “eyes never lie” and it’s the window of the soul. It is said that a person’s pupil dilates when they are looking at someone they love. If a woman is interested in you, you might catch her looking at you or smiling too. This doesn’t mean every woman who looks at you finds you appealing but yes, it is a mild attraction that’s at work.

5. The Classic Hair Twirl

This action has been done to death in movies and actually has a scientific basis. Combing the long tresses or playing with the short hair will always attract men. It is biological.

6. Body Language

If someone is into you, they make it clear through their body language. They will be more cautious when they are around you, sit or stand in a particular manner. These little things matter a lot when you want to gauge a person’s interest.

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7. Lean On

Women will look into your eyes and expect you to do the same. They will lean towards you and face you because they want to see you. They want to see if you are reciprocating.

8. Feet apart

Research shows that when a woman stands her equilibrium tells us what emotion she is feeling. If both legs are tight, stiff, or unexpressive, their passion isn’t evident. If legs are slightly open, or if she is playing with her feet or ankles, that could be a good sign.

9. Specifics

You will see the woman who is interested in you recall all your stories. She will remember tiny details about you and give you her undivided attention. This is because she wants you to share things with her.

10. They Won’t Fear Proximity

If you approach her with a gentle touch or caress, she will not stop you. She might be nervous but also comfortable in your presence. When the girl is interested, she will want you to take the first step.

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