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5 Sure Signs You Will Never Be Rich

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5 Sure Signs You Will Never Be Rich

Human beings as a rule are obsessed with the concept of earning more and more money, for themselves, their families, to ensure that they live a life that is healthy, safe, and secure. Most of us are driven by this incentive, that money equals happiness. And while that may be the case in certain situations, it isn’t in all. But as they say, it is better to cry in a Ferrari.

Money, in today’s world, is the grease that runs the machines and the more money you have, the more efficient your life would be. It is a universal rule of the thumb, that at the end of the day, if you can’t envision yourself buying a particular product you want twice over, you shouldn’t consider yourself rich, or prosperous. In this extremely materialistic world, money speaks.

But that brings in a dilemma. We are driven to earn, but how many have turned out to be Jeff Bezos, or Bill Gates? Most of us try to run the treadmill, trying to earn more and more, as that would enable us to live a luxurious life, but at the end of the day, we are left poor and sad. Why does this happen? Shouldn’t people who work hard be the ones who become rich? Unfortunately not.

The world focuses on a completely different set of paradigms that take into account more different style and characteristics than just the amount of overtime you put in. This can bring forth several examples of people everyone knows that have toiled throughout their lives, but unable to sustain their family, or even make sure that the future generations got something on their plate at the end of the day. For, again, money speaks.

Here are a few reasons why you would never be rich:

1. Work Hard, Play Hard

Wiz Khalifa doesn’t make sense most of the times, but in this song, he does. Just working your butt off every single day in the office won’t ensure that at the end of the day you are bathing in gold.  The motto is to work hard AND smart. You need to play to your strengths, and bring out your clever little mind into the fray. People don’t pay robots; they pay people to think and bring out schemes that are ridiculous, and work.

2. You Put In Your Bank More Than You Earn

A wise man once considered money to be like dust. The more you hold on to it, the more it sifts through your fist. You need to realize that savings would work only when you earn enough to save AND enjoy. You are keeping for the future, but what of the present? You need to realize that the present needs to be enjoyed too. Save, there is no harm in that, but not while starving yourself. And what’s the best way to do that? Earn more.

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3. Don’t Write Cheques That You Can’t Cash

Don’t spend more than you have. Biggest folly you could ever do. Try to spend as less as you can, for the more you save, the better your future would be. Don’t spread your legs more than your sheet’s worth, for after a while, the money will dry off, and you would be left without anything left.

4. You Are Happy With What You Have

Let’s just clear the air here, it’s extremely stupid. Don’t think about it. Always strive for higher ground. Don’t think of stopping at a place because you think this is the best you can do with your life, but this isn’t it. You are made for better things, and only you can realize that. Work hard, work smart, and never stop being ambitious. That Lamborghini isn’t going to buy itself.

5. Pessimism

The bane to being rich. You think you can’t be rich, but you can. All the time you whine, you complain, you talk about a miserable life that you are leading right now, which you don’t have any idea about. You complain of the day job that is paying your bills, but you never once just go and get your butt off the couch you are sitting on, and with a tone filled with confidence, scream, “I will be rich.”

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