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Research Reveals That Redheads Have Genetic Superpowers

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Research Reveals That Redheads Have Genetic Superpowers

It all began back in 2001 when the world was introduced to a wizard boy’s heroics alongside his two best friends – one of whom particularly grabbed everyone’s attraction with his ginger red hair. Ron Weasley truly brought to the limelight a new trend: an entire era of millennials swooning over the rugged beauty of Redheads – a baton which was successfully carried on by other eminent personalities like Emma Stone, Julianne Moore and Ed Sheeran.

But how exactly is it possible to have red hair, you ask? According to scientific studies, Redheads carry similar alleles of the same chromosome which is responsible for creating an altered node of the protein. This imbibes the color red – only 2% of the population are lucky to be born with these genes!

The physical difference isn’t the only contrasting trait of a redhead – the real differences with the society lies in their behavioral traits. To know what makes them supernatural, read on!

1. Redheads are very tolerant to pain

The redheads have been hailed by the medical studies for being “outrageously tolerant” to pain. They can easily tolerate levels of pain which are “moderately painful” for, say, a brunette. Statistics have also proven that Redheads typically require 20% more anesthesia to be sedated before any surgery. True warriors!

2. Redheads have a strong immunity system

Redheads are typically known to have a strong immunity system. This is because of their ability to procreate more Vitamin D in a short period of time. Creating a healthy amount of Vitamin D enables them to fight off depression, fever and the common cold. It also keeps their bone strength intact, thus making them less vulnerable to arthritis in the future.

3. Redheads are scared of skin diseases

Owing to their genes carrying the special MC1R protein, redheads are susceptible to Melanoma, a deadly variant of skin cancer. This is primarily because of their disability to cope with the Ultraviolet rays of the sun. Thus, they are always advised to use sunscreen creams for their own safety.

4. Not all Redheads are pale-skinned

Statistics show that 85% of the redheads are traditionally pale-skinned people. The other 15% of them are truly the rarest breeds of human beings. Dark-skinned/dusky-textured redheads are most commonly found in the land of Morocco, Papua New Guinea and Ivory Coast.

5. They can anticipate the seasonal changes before anybody else

As mentioned in a previous point, a Redhead’s skin is very sensitive. The first aspect, which always grabs their attention, is a change in external temperature. Their MCR1 genes make them very sensitive to extreme weather conditions. Don’t blame your redhead friend anymore if he’s feeling cold on a gloomy, rainy afternoon!

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6. You can easily spot out a true Redhead from a fake one

In today’s world of well-commercialized hair care market, not being naturally redhead isn’t a problem at all. But how would you genuinely differentiate between a true redhead and a salon-made redhead, you ask? Very simple! Observe the intensity of his/her hair color. The stronger the hue of red is, the higher the chances of them being a natural redhead. A salon-made redhead’s color gradually fades with repeated bathing. The shampoo’s sulfur agents strip off the big molecules of the red color, leaving behind a washed out orange hue.

7. Redheads are THE faces of the commercial world

The Redhead celebrities constitute to a total of 26% of the entire Hollywood list of eminent personalities. More than 30% of redheads work at T.V stations and Radio stations, thereby being on broadcasting channels directly. Considering that Redheads constitute to only 2% of the world’s population, that’s magnificent!

8. Redheads never have grey hair

The redheads never experience going through the phase of grey hair. Their bright red strands gradually change to Rose gold as they age. Finally, it turns white. No grey hair = no hassle of dying! This is probably why Redheads are also considered to be funnier than the rest of the world.

After all, they have mastered the art of being supreme, evergreen god-like humans. And they are the only ones who can truly give us original weather spoilers (and otherwise): “winter is coming!”

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