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It’s Probably Time to Quit Your Job if You See Any of These 7 Signs


It’s Probably Time to Quit Your Job if You See Any of These 7 Signs

You may remember the time you nailed your dream job interview. You may remember your very first nervous day at work. But the scenario in the office is completely opposite to what you had imagined it to be. It is what you can truly define ‘a toxic workplace’.

Your co-workers are indifferent to you, your boss puts unnecessary pressure because maybe he enjoys being all authoritative. There is incessant office politics and extreme hatred from the part of other workers. This kind of a job is taking a heavy toll on you, both mentally and physically. It might be time that you quit.

Here are 7 signs that tell you that you finally have to give it up and look for a new job:

1. You are afraid to put forward your honesty when in office meetings

This is an important sign that the toxic environment where you inhabited for so many days is beginning to affect you badly. Doing a job is never equivalent to compromising with your own personality. If you cannot tell the truth in your workplace, maybe out of fear of getting sacked, or from the pressure of being ‘good’, you are violating your work ethics. It’s time that you need to get out of here.

2. Your decision making capacity has lowered drastically

This is another major indicator that your present job isn’t suiting you. Your decision making ability has become infirm. It’s is true that every job needs successful teamwork. But having to get approval for every little thing is a queer, indirect form that questions your abilities. A job which needs you to do that, or makes you do that, should be left at once.

3. Your work-life messes up your personal life

Dominating bosses take the hell out of your life. Working somewhere doesn’t mean you have to give up your personal life and space. For doing a job, appropriate physical rest is essential. If your job pushes you to work even on weekends, from home, or at midnight replying to work emails, it is time you take a job somewhere else.

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4. You are taking three deep breaths before going to your job

You know what they stand for. First breath: you and your job is normal and fine. Second breath: Check your job status occasionally. Third breath: Your job sucks. You should quit immediately. You should do something that you love and something that makes you happy and fulfills you; something that doesn’t make you feel the need to take a few deep breaths before clocking in.

5. Your boss messages you everyday; early in the mornings

Clearly, your boss doesn’t know what personal space is. If you have to reply to your senior’s text messages every morning, before you even get to sip on your most important daily dose of caffeine, you know that this job is too toxic for you. If your mood is destroyed even before you enter your office, how will you work the entire day? An efficient guide will never do anything to irritate his employees. But your boss does the exact opposite every morning and destroys your will to work. Home life should never be messed with work life. If it happens, leave the job at once.

6. You can no longer make some time out for yourself

Don’t you need some air to breathe besides doing paperwork all day? Has your job compelled you to sacrifice on your entertainment quota? I mean, no food breaks, parties, friends’ get-together, clubbing, travelling? You cannot live like this. Your body will always be tired and will eagerly want a change of space, as well as some refreshment. A job which doesn’t let you have your own bit of fun is toxic for your health. There’s nothing left for you in a job like that. Go hand in your resignation letter now.

7. Your boss never stands up for you

Your boss is a hypocrite. He is just a deceitful man who never stands up for his fellow workers. He is too busy filling his own pocket or pleasing his seniors that he forgets to merely respect his employers. If such a situation prevails inside your office, quit the job at once.

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