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Zookeeper ‘Jungle Jack’ Hanna No Longer Recognizes His Family: ‘The Jack People Knew Isn’t Here Anymore’

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Zookeeper ‘Jungle Jack’ Hanna No Longer Recognizes His Family: ‘The Jack People Knew Isn’t Here Anymore’

Jack Hanna spent his life advocating for animals, establishing the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and making educational television appearances.

With her several Emmy-winning animal shows, Hanna has given audiences a new appreciation for the value of protecting the natural world.

The beloved zookeeper has spent his life sharing his passion for the animals in his care, but in his old age, he is having trouble remembering his past achievements.

He lost his memory to Alzheimer’s disease, a degenerative brain disorder, in 2019.

Originally from Tennessee, Hanna has been having an increasing number of Alzheimer’s symptoms.

She used to be a bubbly person with an endless supply of jokes and a characteristic leather outback hat.

After four years of treatment, Hanna’s memory loss has left his wife lamenting, “The Hanna people knew isn’t here anymore.”

Alzheimer’s illness has gotten so bad for Hanna that he no longer recognizes his own family.

He now devotes most of his time to his family, which includes his beautiful wife Suzi Egli and their puppy, Brassy.

Kathaleen, his daughter, travels all the way from England to take care of him, and he can’t help but think of her.

People are concerned about the zookeeper, who is so loved. Chief Executive Officer Tom Schmid expressed gratitude to Hanna’s loved ones for sharing the news of his illness.

She said, “He lived in fear that the public would find out.” This is how Hanna’s daughter explained how difficult things were for her father.

Schmid added his respect for Hanna, saying the zoo would not be the same without his dedication throughout the years.

To show Hanna and his family how much they meant to so many Americans, the Columbus Zoo has set up a green mailbox where visitors may leave letters.

Hanna’s loved ones have publicly shared their appreciation for the outpouring of love and support they’ve received.

They acknowledged that the assistance was crucial in getting them through the ordeal.

They thanked those who wrote them, but also those who respected their privacy by saying in a public message:

“While Dad/Jack is still mobile, his mind fails him, the light in his eyes has dimmed, and we miss who he was each and every moment of the day. We have been so grateful for your kind messages, words of support, and the privacy you have afforded our family.”

In the same way that famous people like Michael J. Fox, who have neurological illnesses, rely significantly on their families, so does Hanna.

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His wife opened out about the challenges of taking care of him, stating lovingly, “It’s hard. Some days are quite difficult. But dad looked after me all those years, and now it’s my job to look after him.”

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