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Zookeepers Refuse To Save Drowning Chimpanzee – Then A Truck Driver Does The Impossible

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Zookeepers Refuse To Save Drowning Chimpanzee – Then A Truck Driver Does The Impossible

To begin, we disagree with the idea that zoos are a suitable place for wild animals. It’s important to provide apes like chimpanzees their freedom.

They are better off in the wild, regardless of how large their enclosure is or how well they are cared for.

Having said that, we just had to show you this amazing rescue footage.

It depicts a guy who, in an effort to save a chimpanzee, disobeys the zoo’s warning warnings and restrictions by jumping into an enclisure.

That right there is heroic behavior!

In 1990, a chimpanzee named Jo-Jo fell into a man-made moat in the Detroit Zoo’s chimpanzee exhibit.

Another, more aggressive chimpanzee had been chasing him, but he had managed to escape by jumping the fence preventing him from entering the pool.

Jo-Jo worried and tried desperately to keep his chin up. At the same time, around ten astonished onlookers watched as he slowly drowned.

Rick Swope, a truck driver in his thirties, and his family of spouse and three kids were among them.

The look of terror on Jo-Jo’s face made him realize he had to do something, so he flung himself into the water to try and save the huge ape.

The chimpanzee is up to five times stronger than a human, so keep that in mind.

Additionally, the chimpanzee was located in an off-limits area, and the enclosure was filled with other chimpanzees, any one of which may have reacted aggressively at any time.

But Rick made no such reservation. As astonished onlookers watched, his loved ones watched him haul Jo-Jo out of the sea. It wasn’t the simplest task, either.

Rick eventually let go of Jo-Jo and sank without a trace. Rick had to try again to free the 18-year-old, 200-pound (90 kg) chimpanzee, but he succeeded in the end.

Jo-Jo emerged from the water in a weakened but conscious state. Thankfully, Rick came to the rescue.

“He was looking at me. I think he knew what was going on,” Rick told the Chicago Tribune.

View the heroic rescue operation here:

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