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Women, You Seriously Need To Stop Doing These 13 Things Right Now

Off The Record

Women, You Seriously Need To Stop Doing These 13 Things Right Now

This article is not meant to disrespect women. Rather it is a friendly reminder that your health and welfare should always be your priority over trying to impress others all the time.

Women can go to any extent to look stylish, ravishing and the most beautiful. It is like an unhealthy competition that women have developed in-between each other. In the race of being the most popular, women often lose out on their genuine selves. Experimentation is good, but too much of it can completely ruin your body language, your goodness and your attitude. Also, you must keep in mind that certain things might not look desirable to the onlookers. This is when you should realize where to draw the line.

The aim in life shouldn’t be to care about what others think about you. Rather one must always intent to stay happy and content. Material joys are temporary; it is the real joy of your inner soul that is permanent and beneficial.

Here are the 13 things that women should seriously stop doing immediately to make themselves feel more better:

1. Applying sunscreen

It is no crime to take full care of your screen. Others may make fun of you but your well-being should be your concern and nobody else’s. As we are progressing more and more towards global warming, the sun no longer emits beneficial rays, as was believed medicinally even a few years back. Today the sun rays have the capability of destroying your skin and several other alarming diseases like strokes, heart attacks and even cancer. So it is a must that we save our skin. It’s not just about intending to stay fair. It is an important tip for health care for all.

2. You can prefer to sit cross-legged too

Those days are past when women had to maintain decorum on road like not swinging their legs, sitting cross legged, not hitting nails in the public etc. Women are human beings too and they shouldn’t live their life with restrictions. Moreover, who decides them for us? It’s okay not to sit cross legged, it is okay to fold your legs and sit because it is comfortable. This doesn’t make you look like an indecent lady.

3. Combing your hair when wet should be avoided

Hair roots are weak when wet. If you run and comb through wet hair, the hair follicles are weakened and you will definitely lose more hair than usual. Always blow drying your hair because it looks puffy and great should be avoided too. Natural air drying is best.

4. Too much of ponytails is a No

Yes, ponytails can make your face look clean and give definition to it. It also makes you look attractive and hot. But always tying your hair too high and tight can lead to baldness and a receding hair line.

5. Too much use of milk is not good for your skin

With the level of pollution outside, the best option is to keep your face less oily as possible. Oil attracts dirt which accumulates inside your cells until the time you reach home and clear your face with a face wash and this is not good at all. Refrain from applying milk or too much creamy and oily products on your face and hair.

6. Putting makeup after plucking your eyebrows should not be done

Applying makeup just after you have got your eyebrows plucked is not healthy for your skin because the chances of bacteria harming your skin increases and can later have serious consequences.

7. A compact powder isn’t always a necessity

Sometimes blotting papers can replace compact powders in an effective manner. Blotting paper absorbs the oil more efficiently rather than dabbing powder on your face.

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8. Bags need not always be stuffed

A ladies handbag shouldn’t always be stuffed with makeup and lipsticks etc. It is not a rule. You can go completely make up free sometimes too. Putting on and redoing your lipstick every one hour might not create a good first impression.

9. Thick layers of makeup are a huge turnoff

Don’t always do makeup. Makeup on your face is quite evident every time it makes your beauty superficial. Embrace your natural beauty too and allow others to do the same.

10. Drinking too much fruit juice is not THAT healthy

Drinking excess fruit juice can cause wrinkles and sometimes can come too early.

11. You are pretty as you are

Always being conscious about your looks can be tiring. Others may disapprove of it. Let your skin be, let it breathe and relax.

12. Don’t rub your eyes as much 

Rubbing your eyes make them more tired and drowsy and weak. Moreover, touching your eyes all the time prevents the growth of eyelashes.

13. Naturally air drying your hair is the best

Exposing your hair to high temperature dryers and heaters can make your hair rough, course and it will eventually lose all the shine.

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