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10 signs you’re highly intelligent even though you don’t appear to be


10 signs you’re highly intelligent even though you don’t appear to be

“I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” ― Oscar Wilde

Here are a few truth bombs: we all consider ourselves to be precious snowflakes, we believe we are always right and  we think everyone should bow down before our opinions. Now, let me break this to you: no one has ultimate knowledge and power, not even the President of the United States.

When you look around, you’ll find most men and women being absolute prejudiced pricks. So, is the apocalypse here? Will all the stupid people go on to destroy the only Earth we have? No.

The reason you don’t usually find truly intelligent people in your daily life is because they don’t want to be seen easily. Here’s why people with knowledge usually don’t make it obvious in public and how to know you’re one of them too:

1. You Are Quiet

Empty vessels make more noise. The blabber mouth is rarely the smartest person in a crowd. The ones with limited knowledge will stoop to exaggeration or try to pull others down with their oratory. Whereas the truly intelligent person will remain quiet because he or she has no point to prove. Yes, usually the smart ones get labelled as shy, introverted or stuck up, but it doesn’t take away from their IQ.

Why do most smart people prefer silence? Because they think twice before making any comment and actually evaluate their stance. They don’t wish to talk gibberish and add to chaos. This does not mean introverts are the most mature beings on earth. Sometimes silence is louder than words, and it takes an intelligent person to know the difference.

2. You Are Nocturnal

Usually the night is quiet and a great time to focus. Intelligent people make the most of the after hours by enhancing their knowledge. Reading books, watching documentaries, creating art – this is the time they let their creative juices flow when no one is around to witness it.

3. Birds Of The Same Feather Flock Together

They prefer to mix with people who are passionate about something. It doesn’t always have to be academics but anything under the Sun – they wish to explore the vast sea of knowledge by interacting with people who know more than the others. This makes them happy.

4. Face Challenges

They never back down from a difficult situation. Anything that makes them think, is a challenge they wish to win. Intelligent people keep trying because they believe in will power and a positive mindset. Often people see this as stubbornness but it is the zeal to excel.

5. Critical About The Self

Intelligent people always want to improve themselves and take criticisms in their stride. They are open to other opinions and look at things objectively. They scrutinize their actions and are often harsh on themselves because they want to be a well rounded individual.

6. Sky Is The Limit

They love to evolve because perfection is their ultimate aim. They are constantly trying to get better in what they are good at, trying to learn things they don’t know and wanting to be the best possible versions of themselves. It is a constant process of evaluating and improving the self.

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7. Multitaskers

They are curious creatures who want to know it all. You will not find them at only one type of occasion because they will stretch their boundaries every single day. They will listen to music, stitch a blanket and have a meaningful conversation at the same time.

8. Well informed

They are aware of what is going on in the world and try to have their own unbiased opinion about issues. They may not know something but will Google it immediately because they want to be informed all the time.

9. They Won’t Show Off

They are flaunting their knowledge or giving unsolicited advice. They like to reserve their statements for situations that matter. You won’t find them dropping names at a gathering but always listening to knowledgeable people speak.

10. Keep Questioning

There is no end to knowing. The intelligent ones understand this and will ask questions when they are unsure or ignorant. They know it is okay to quench the thirst for knowledge and find ways to learn something every day.

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