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Only Highly Intelligent People Face These 5 Struggles in Life


Only Highly Intelligent People Face These 5 Struggles in Life

A lot of people tend to think that the most intelligent people have life totally sorted out and that everything must be super easy for them. But that is not always true. These greatly intelligent people do face problems and challenges in life. There are certain troubles which only they have to face.

Smart people might have grown up differently, or have other qualities which makes them uncommon. They can also feel lonely because of this. So here are 5 difficulties only highly intelligent people face in life.

1. They have a lot more pressure to succeed

The gift of intelligence makes people feel like they are better than everyone else. They are able to understand things which most people can’t make out. Thus, they know how smart and how special they are. This keeps them under the pressure to succeed at every little thing. They must succeed every time, no matter what it is. After all, they are different from the rest, so they must be the best. These things include having a better career, better relationships or even a better home.

If they do not succeed, they get upset over it. They start criticizing themselves and feel like a failure, because they put a lot of pressure on themselves.

2. Making friends is not easy for them

Intelligent people look for people that are more like themselves to have as friends. When they are talking to people, they subtly ask clever questions to see what their answers are. That’s how they verify if that person really deserves their friendship. A person may have same interests as the intelligent person. But, his views must match, in order to become friends.

This is why these intelligent people are often lonely. If they don’t find someone like themselves to be friends with, they will stay alone. They adjust to being alone and give all their attention to work. They do get more time to research and become smarter, but this makes them depressed.

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3. Over-analyzing makes deciding harder

People who are greatly intelligent, generally research about every little thing before making a decision. The plus points and the minus points are all kept in mind. This is why they can’t seem to come to a final decision easily. Over-thinking about which way to go makes it harder for them. Also, most intelligent people are perfectionists. They would never settle for anything other than the best. So, the thinking and analyzing too much is mainly for getting the best outcome.

4. They are trapped by their intelligence

Sometimes, these intelligent people, fall in situations where they can’t help it even if they tried to. They seem to understand things very easily. But when a smart person is teaching a normal person, it’s hard for him to talk using simpler words to make them understand. Just because they are intelligent enough to understand complex things easily, they don’t know any simpler way to express it.

Sometimes, for this reason, people tend to dislike them. Intelligent people seem to talk in their own intelligent way and using a different vocabulary, which normal people don’t easily understand. But there’s really nothing they can do about it because they’re just talking about what they know.

5. They have trouble being happy

Intelligent people sometimes feel like intelligence is a curse rather than a gift. Facing such problems makes them think about whether it is better to be ignorant or not so smart. Pretending to be ignorant means they aren’t being their true self. Such over-thinking puts pressure on their minds and makes them upset. They have difficulty accepting who they really are. So, they can’t be happy very easily.

Just because they are brilliant, doesn’t necessarily mean they have everything going easy for them in life. Smart people face difficulties accepting themselves because people around them think they are too different. Often, they are lonely souls who know nothing but their work.

It is to be remembered that they are humans too. They deserve to be happy and to not be misunderstood.

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