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16 Things All Women Do But Will Never Admit

Off The Record

16 Things All Women Do But Will Never Admit

God has created the feminine gender in an inquisitively creative way. We prefer to remain secretive and to steer clear from any accusation, we mostly blame our frequent hormonal changes and mood swings for whatever queer thing we are caught doing. You may call us queer, but we love ourselves just like that. So don’t just point your fingers at us because we like to live our life in our own terms and rules. Also, we are simply extraordinary.

However, only women know what things they are capable of. We will never admit it but they are certainly not something untrue. Let us take a look at them.

1. Women claim to prefer only those men who are completely hygienic from top to bottom. But sometimes women too wear their dirty clothes outside, like an unwashed bra because they are always the most comfortable.

2. All women check their tampons and sanitary pads even after use because women can be inquisitive and curious too.

3. The most important task that every women have to do when coming home after a long day is to open their bras and throw them right off; after all, the elastics can be tight.

4. Women know how to make handy things. They are capable of making pads using toilet paper when they run out of a real one.

5. Women suffer from extreme mood swings which take a heavy toll on their mental health. So they cry a lot and they love watching themselves cry in front of the mirror.

6. Women love to burst their pimples because they are always better when they are not in their face. They also love picking hair, like the one that the parlor lady has overlooked while waxing.

7. Yes, it is a reality. Women also wear the same clothes twice and thrice a week. But only when they aren’t meeting the same person.

8. Women do not have breasts just to show off. The cleavage can act as a very good place or a stand to hold food plates or maybe even popcorn and french fries at home.

9. Women are afraid of the dark. Unless they have somebody to cuddle on the bed, sleeping in a dead dark room is a complete no-no for them.

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10. Women hate stains on their pants. No, this is not completely true. Stained pants are the most comfortable underwear during periods. They don’t have to fear destroying their favorite satin white underpants. However, you never actually get them in hand when you genuinely need them.

11. Not all women love wearing bras. Not all women wear bras. While climbing down the stairs, the most comforting gesture is to hold your breasts upwards so that they don’t jump unnecessarily. Every women has done this at some point or the other.

12. Women are such cleanliness freaks but sometimes they too miss out on shampooing and cleaning their hairs. Some days, in order to save time, a dry shampoo can also do wonders.

13. Mirrors are a girl’s favorite item. We dance in front of them, check ourselves out, we criticize and love ourselves at the same time, all in front of the mirror. They are our lifelong friends.

14. Sometimes women can definitely take the risk of removing all that pubes. But immediately afterwards they start complaining because they begin to look nothing less than an over sized baby.

15. Who said women shave or wax their legs always? It is only when the legs need to be shown that women take the effort of cleaning them, or else who has so much money and time.

16. Yes, women too sniff their armpits and the crotch of their pants to ascertain how many days they can make things work with the same attire on. After all, washing clothes is too difficult a task.

Women aren’t just holy goddesses all the time. They are imperfect too. Or, in other words, they are perfectly imperfect. Yet women are lovable and smart and like geniuses they carry themselves off so beautifully that men can never dare to question or accuse them of being as equally gross as them.

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