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Here’s Why You Wake Up At The Same Time Every Night

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Here’s Why You Wake Up At The Same Time Every Night

In our prosaic lives, a good night’s sleep now seems to be a luxury that only few could afford. I thrash and turn and have lucid dreams, some symbolic and others totally making no sense and sometimes lie awake for hours straight around dawn, at a pretty regular basis. I blamed my disturbed sleep might be the root problem for insomnia and work-related stress and desperately wanted to fight such nightly interruptions. But then I realized that it may be pointing out something entirely different, something deeply spiritual.

Resorting to the best pal, which is the internet, and a little probing into articles informed me about traditional Chinese medicine that studied multiple energy meridians flowing through our bodies. They call it the Chi, flowing through different channels throughout our body, stimulating its different parts. These inner energies are synced up with our biological clocks and this is what really keeps us awake.

1. Trouble Falling Asleep Between 9 Pm To 11 Pm

The typical bedtime for most health conscious early birds, if you face difficulty falling asleep then it might be stress preventing you. A nice warm bath and meditation before going to sleep will clear your mind and help you de-stress and fall asleep much faster. You can also try white noise and stay away from the blue light of your beloved smartphone or laptop.

2. Waking Up Between 11 Pm To 1 Am

This time is known for the gall bladder to be active, according to the Chinese energy meridian. It also points out to emotional dissatisfaction and disappointment. Take a deep breath and try eradicating the negativity, all the while practicing unconditional love for those around you and foremost, for yourself.

3. Waking Up Between 1 Am To 3 Am

This is the time for body clock and liver and mainly points to unmitigated anger and an excess of yang energy. Drinking cool water and trying to solve and address the situation making you angry at the first place would help clearing out your mental cloud and help in sleeping.

4. Waking Up Between 3 Am To 5 Am

Waking up at these hours signify emotional sadness when the chi runs through your lungs. Taking in a deep breath, try to breathe in and out deeply and sleeping on your back. Also, it might be the Higher power trying to make you aware of His designs and to bring into line your actions with His intentions.

If all else fails, try counting sheep. There’s nothing more effective than Maths and history (for those of you who love Maths), to fall back to sleep.

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5. Waking Up Between 5 Am To 7 Am

It already is close to morning when the chi concentrates in your large intestine. It also may connote to emotional blockage. Try using the restroom, stretching your muscles and drinking a bit of water to fall asleep again.

6. Waking Up At The Same Time Every Night

Our brains are not fully awake even when our sleep gets interrupted. This phenomenon called sleep inertia refers to the period between fully awake and just woke, the time when you feel groggy.

The decision making lobe of our brain, the pre-frontal cortex does not really wake up and remains in an impassive state. So as the pivotal part of our decision making process is still asleep, avoid taking meaningful choices.

7. The Higher Purpose Of Waking Up

Our dreams may have a hidden symbolic meaning and may even hold the key in unlocking our spiritual consciousness. As we remain skeptical of His presence while awake, maybe it is during our sleep that He tries to communicate with us. Many believe that this is the time to make the better version of ourselves and that these signs should never be overlooked.

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