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Grandparents Never Die, They Become Invisible – A Heart-Warming Story

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Grandparents Never Die, They Become Invisible – A Heart-Warming Story

It is said that when a close person dies, you may no longer see them physically, but their presence beside you is always intact. You cannot touch or see them but they make home inside your hearts permanently. You can feel their presence throughout your entire existence.

When grandparents die, we are the most disheartened. We start missing their love, care and sentimentality. It is a stark irony that grandparents see us grow from a child to a teenager while we see them grow old and leave this world forever. The reality is often too difficult to grasp in.

In fact, for some kids, losing their grandparents is the first biggest emotional upheaval that they face in their lives. Besides parents, it is our grandparents who teach us other important life values. Hence, when we lose them, the pain becomes too unbearable to adsorb.

Sometimes it takes too much time for us to deal with our grandparents’ death. Kids form an early bond with them, and not having them beside seems like a big blow. Some are too small to understand what death is and hence react indifferently. It is always helpful for parents to discuss the incident directly with them so that they don’t start harbouring negative and secret thoughts and hardships inside them.

Parents should discuss about feelings like loss and separation rather than delving on the topic of death directly. Kids cannot comprehensively process religious issues. Their thinking is too immature to understand such issues. Religion, superstitions and death are alien topics for them and sometimes it can affect their mind pessimistically.

Parents should be open to their kids about such vulnerabilities. They are growing up and need proper guidance to channel their thought systems in the right path. They need to build concrete perceptions and ideas about this universe.

Remember, Grandparents are omnipresent.

Grandparents are your family. They have been there beside you as a pillar of support through thick and thin, even when your own parents were absent. Grandparents are rarely strict on you, and make you realize your mistakes with care and affection. When they suddenly disappear from your side, life feels like a void. This void cannot be replaced by someone else so smoothly.

Our love for our grandparents stays with us in the form of many inanimate objects that had once belonged to them, like your grandfather’s favorite book and diary, your grandmother’s earrings. Their affection stays with us in the form of the gifts and things we inherit from them, like a certain hereditary wall clock that they have given us or a beautiful present from them on your birthday. Love has no form, no shape and size, no quantity. Love is unconditional and this is exactly what our grandparents always encourage us to preach.

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Be kind and compassionate, they say. After they die, we wish to return back this favor to them. We follow what they teach us, the values and goals we should aim to practice and reach in life. They are always there, holding our little fingers and helping us cross all obstacles. They are always there like a moral support, assisting us and enabling us make correct choices. The connection never breaks; the bond is nurtured and cultivated even after their death.

So, Love them back!

As their favorite grandchildren, we should always honor them and love them back. It is true that we can longer enjoy their company, but we should never forget that they live in our hearts. They speak to us in voices, nurture our thoughts and push us to take correct decisions. They take the role of our confidante. Our grandparents speak to us in the form of our 5th sense, our intuition and none of these can be denied.

Our task is to simply return them back everything in ample amounts. We should adore them, respect them and shower them with great esteem, no matter what. The bond between a child and his grandparents is eternal, so eternal that it cannot be described beyond words and it’s hard to forget.

Most importantly, don’t forget to share the appreciation, love, and care your grandparents have taught you. Don’t forget that they have taught you to be strong and to never break down. We only ask you to follow those principles in life and to reach great pinnacles of success. This is the only way of showing them that you will forever remember the most valuable lessons learned from them.

Image source: Marg/Flickr

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