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10 Signs That a Deceased Loved One is Nearby


10 Signs That a Deceased Loved One is Nearby

Our loved ones never really leave us when they pass away…

They try to contact us through various mediums and you should look out for the signs listed below in order to understand what they are trying to say.

1. Through dreams

When we sleep our vibrational energy rises and corresponds with the higher energy of the spirits. Our subconscious minds are far more receptive when we sleep. This is why spirits can easily influence us during this time.

Dreams of a deceased loved one are usually very vivid and less dreamlike. There’s also a possibility that you’ll remember these dreams after waking up.

If you get such dreams, then you should pay attention to them because it might be a message from beyond the grave…

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2. Scents

Sense of smell is strongly associated with memory. Usually a scent accompanies the presence of a spirit. It could be the perfume they used, maybe the smell of their favorite food or flowers.

3. Misplaced items

You might have noticed that some things mysteriously disappear from one place only to be found in another in your house. Most of the times it’s the spirit of our deceased loved ones that displaces things from one place to another. Usually items like jewelry, flask, smoking pipe or any of the items they used when they were alive is missing.

4. Songs

Sometimes you can also receive a message in the form of songs. You might be driving and playing your choice of music in the car and suddenly you realize that the songs being played are not so randomly arranged. If you see some pattern in them then it is definitely your guardian spirit that is trying to pass along a message to you.

5. Through thoughts

Sometimes we get influenced by thoughts that make us aware of a particular thing, like if you’re driving fast then a thought appears that you should slow down.

Such thoughts are not our own. Yes, they are the voice of your loved one rather than the voice in your head. An easy way to recognize this that it does not follow the first person voice. Instead of “I’m going to be late”, “You’re going to be late” comes to your mind.

6. Unexpected gifts

It doesn’t have to be a Porsche in your driveway. You could receive Unexpected gifts in the form of love, care and affection when you least expect it in life. Remember the time you were feeling low and you suddenly receive a call from your friend or relative which made you happy and got your energies going? Yes, such are the gifts inspired by coincidence and received with love.

7. The right person at the right time

Do you think that you just happen to meet the right people when you most need them? Think again because it could be your loved one who is trying to help you through the difficult times that you might be facing.

At times you meet people when you are the lowest point in your life and they come like a ray of sunshine to impart some light in your life. Pay attention to such people!

8. During Funeral

According to the psychic James Van Praagh, people attend their own funeral after they die and offer comfort to their family and friends. You should look for signs like a touch on the shoulder or a caress on the cheek during their funeral in order to sense their spirit.

9. Pets

Animals are highly receptive to the presence of anything supernatural. So if your dog starts wagging his tail at nothing then it means that there is someone who he loved as a human being who’s now visiting in the spirit form.

Even pets visit their owners and many have reported hearing their dead dog barking or cat meowing.

10. Looking for old habits

If your grandfather was fussy about leaving the lights on then chances are that he might turn off lights in the house in his spirit form. Sometimes spirits try to do the same things that they used to while they were alive.

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