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When A Narcissist Says These 10 Things, Here’s What They Really Mean


When A Narcissist Says These 10 Things, Here’s What They Really Mean

Narcissism. Where do we start? A Greek hero died simply because he loved his own reflection a bit too much, and yet, life is all about vanity, and show off. It doesn’t benefit anyone though, neither the person who is being vain nor the person bearing through with that.

But, we might have all come across narcissists, who say phrases that sound something but mean completely different. It creates a confusion, where they send us down a guilt trip because we try to sympathize with them when all they need is a hard voice and a “stop it!”

1. “Everything is not about you”

Yes. Not everything is about you. It is about me. Only I matter. Everything else is just needless and useless. Don’t ask me to do anything, for I probably wouldn’t, and then guilt you into believing it was your fault to ask me to do that. Listen to me when I am talking, for my voice is more important. My opinion is more important. Learn to live with that, or leave.

2. “You cannot trust people”

Yes. It’s your fault for not trusting me, even when I betray that at every moment of the day. Well, I already told you to leave and save yourself, but that was a simple reverse psychology to make you stay. I love playing with your mind, or else, how would I pass my time? You are my hobby, making you question everything around you, and slowly turning you into this person who doesn’t trust anyone.

3. “Why are you so jealous?”

You know I flirt with other people waiting for you to get jealous and huffy about it. But guess what? I don’t really care. It doesn’t bother me that you get angry about it when, on the other hand, I love the fact that you try to compete for my attention along with other people. You know how powerful that makes me? I have full control over you and I am your master.

4. “We are just friends”

Of course. I might have spoken to you nicely one day, or maybe kissed you on some other occasions. Might have also gone on a few dates with you. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to think that I am in love with you, or that you are special. When I get bored with you, I already have this other person, who would give me the necessary attention, without ever having to feel your absence. You are insignificant.

5. “You are crazy”

Not really, but are you going to argue? No. I don’t think you really know enough to argue with me. I don’t even care if you actually are crazy. I love this feeling where I can hurt you over and over again, humiliate you, embarrass you continuously, without ever feeling guilty.

For it is all fun and games, right? Also, at the end of the day, you are going to come back to me, no matter what. You also wouldn’t dare to leave, for I am vengeful, and have the power to ruin your life.

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6. “Why are you overreacting?”

You aren’t, but I am going to make you feel so. You are giving perfectly synchronized reactions to my bullcrap, but if I accepted that, you would be the one on an equal footing, and I can’t ever accept that. You have to trust me and not your own intuitions. For this relationship is in my hands.

7. “You are so oversensitive”

I can’t have you feeling calm and composed now, can I? You would look through my facade as someone who is sensitive to everything and needs attention 24/7. So, you would have to be the one who has to be always labelled oversensitive, so that, after a while, when you are composed, you would still feel like you have been hyper-sensitive.

8. “I am sorry you feel that way”

I don’t really care. I just want you to feel that this abuse you are going through is somehow your fault, and all those reactions are your fault too. I don’t care either way.

9. “I love you”

Eh. Not really. I would love you to think that I do though. It will highlight the power I have over you, and whatever my mistakes be, I will just say one phrase, and you would melt right into my trap. When I say “I love you”, it is not what love truly represents. When I say “I love you,” it means I love how you play along by my rules.

10. “You Will Never Find Someone Like Me”

Actually, you would find a lot of people who are even better than me. You would think that I am the best, but I am nowhere close. But if you leave, who am I going to rule over?

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