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5 Common Relationship Beliefs That Are Complete Nonsense


5 Common Relationship Beliefs That Are Complete Nonsense

We grow up watching movies that talk about perfect love, read books that have a prince charming for a damsel in distress, and collectively make false ideas of love in our mind. It’s okay so far as we are children and believe in these stories but, once we grow up, we must really understand that true love has its imperfections. It comes with its own challenges and demands that are not told in these stories. You learn to live them on your own as you proceed in the relationship.

You start loving someone despite who they are. So keeping that in mind, let’s go through 5 points that’ll shatter all your past beliefs about love.

1. Every relationship starts with passion

I know it’s hard to believe otherwise though it is true. Not every relationship has passionate vibes shared between the couple right at the beginning; sometimes it comes much later as the bond develops. So long as you feel comfortable and secure with your partner, you are on the right path. Both of you must share an understanding and friendship with each other. Once you’ve established a relationship of truth and comfort, there are more chances that you could develop passionate feelings in the future.

2. The key to happiness is always being together

Who ever told you to stay with your spouse every second of your life was probably lying. So if you are really keen on doing everything together then you must also know that very soon you’ll both be bored of each other. An essential element of a successful relationship is respecting each other’s space. While sharing responsibilities and spending time together is important to have a healthy bond, giving personal space in the relationship is also crucial. You both need to individually find your interests and spend more time pursuing those than clinging on to your partner. When couples frequently give each other space, there’s more desire to spend quality time together and share individual experiences.

3. Happy couples are always in love

Now this is the most ideal situation that anyone can imagine; also the one that doesn’t exist. No two people who stay together can do away with fights. We all are wired differently and have different value systems that do not always match. When that happens in a relationship, clashes take place. According to Dr. Orbuch, couples who don’t argue with each other tend to fall apart sooner than others. So long as couples don’t go overboard with their comments at each other and are able to resolve issues, periodic fights are a way to review relationships. Arguments are an absolutely normal way to bring issues that bother to the forefront.

4. Same interests means perfect love

Haven’t we all heard that opposites attract? Then who said that people who share same interests are their perfect match? Imagine talking about the same things with your partner each day with nothing new to learn or experience. It’s going to be so boring. Of course you need some common factor between you and your partner so that you both can chime together. But at the same time, wouldn’t it be fun if your partner and you don’t have the same choices? You could both experience new adventures in life. Above all, it’s the emotional understanding and respect that you share with each other that makes it more enjoyable.

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5. You have to love your partner’s friends and relatives to stay happy

The truth is that this is really not the case. We all have friends and relatives that our partner wouldn’t like to spend time with. And neither would we with theirs. Sometimes we simply aren’t able to share the same frequency with certain people. So instead of forcing your partner or yourself to be more likeable to others, focus on each other. That’s more important. You cannot please everyone around you. It is important that you respect your partner’s interests and ability to communicate with few rather than everyone.

The entire aim of the relationship is to not try to live the myths created by popular media but to outlive them and make your own rules of happiness.

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