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7 Important Relationship Tips Couples Always Forget


7 Important Relationship Tips Couples Always Forget

If there is anything that baffles our millennial generation as much as rocket science and Kant’s Phenomenology of Spirit does, it is love and in extension, romantic relationships in general. Jokes apart, love and romance do indeed baffle people enough to make poets out of them, and that is saying something.

People who do end up with love in their lives are indeed lucky. If you do not believe us, ask that single friend who tells you he is sick and does not attend parties because he does not have a date.

A life without love is indeed a sad one. But there is something sadder and far more unfortunate that this: It is when people in love forget what it was that made them be with each other in the first place.

There is nothing that makes the universe and God cry more than love lost and souls torn apart.

The secret to a good and healthy romantic life is to never forget some fundamental things about love, your partner and your being together. If you remember those things till the very end, nothing will ever rip the two of you apart, ever.

These are those seven life/love hacks:

1. Confessing your fault

EGO, it ruins everything. Remember the story of the tower of Babel from the Bible? The only reason God ruined what was the most majestic edifice made by mankind because man made it as a sign of his ego, and began to consider themselves equal to God.

In a relationship too, as soon as you confess and admit your mistake, without letting your pride or ego to get to you, everything is fine again, and the storm clouds recede.

2. Do not bottle things up

Shake up a bottle of soda and open it at a go. We all know what happens next. Do not make the same mistake with your relationship. Make sure there is communication and dialogue about everything, important or not. That makes the road far easier than you think. Once there is discussion, the most complex of knots become easy to untangle.

3. Give your partner room to breathe

If you stifle someone with your opinions and influence in every sphere of their existence, you just pave the way smoother for your own doom. Such a relationship is bound to fail. What should be ideal is, that both of you take independent decisions and have an independent life of your own, taking each other’s advice when needed and asked for only.

4. Encouraging each other to do what you like

Exchange ideas and hobbies and interest. Where there is love, there is bound to be some form of a middle ground for both of you. You reach a point in life when you look back on your old self and look at your present with a smile, looking at all the changes love brought about in your choices, tastes, and hobbies and sometimes even in your way of earning your daily bread.

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5. Listen carefully

To what your partner says and value their opinions. They are independent human beings who have their own essence and existence; remember to never deny them that. Listen to what they have to say, they actually might know more about your issue at hand than you might expect.  The Indian word for wife (archaic) is ardhangini; it literally means someone who inhabits half your existence. Every romantic relationship should live up to this ideal. After all, why do we love, if not to be a little less lonely, a little wiser and of course a little more contented.

6. Let them evolve on their own

Do not be that partner who forces their opinions on them. Do not make them choose between you and freedom. That is one pain all human beings should be free of. Let them bloom, let them grow, and grow and bloom with them. Help them do what they have helped you do.

7. Do not be afraid

Love is the biggest nemesis of fear. Fear dwells and festers on the feeling of loneliness and abandonment. When there is love between two people, they cannot feel alone and abandoned anymore. May your relationship bloom too, as you implement these hacks in your life. And if you are single, do not worry; there is someone in this world for everyone. Let God guide you. Do not lose hope in him and do not lose your faith in love.

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