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8 Sentences You Will Only Hear From Someone Who Is Truly In Love With You


8 Sentences You Will Only Hear From Someone Who Is Truly In Love With You

Love is an intense subject that isn’t supposed to be trifled with and people usually get an epiphany when saying it to the people they love. It doesn’t happen in a minute, nor in a day, but it takes time, for one needs to truly know the other person, before they claim that they love them.

For that to be processed by the other people is again another complex thing. Do they feel the same? Maybe. But how do you know that this person is in love with you? Here are a few things they usually say when they are in love with you.

1. “This Reminds Me Of You”

This is something one would always say when they are in love with you. You would always be on their mind, and they would not hesitate to fix you with something they must have seen, read, or heard. A song, an actor, anything might remind them of you, only because you are a part of their mind. Otherwise, it could be anyone else in your place. But, the affection matters.

2. “I will help you, don’t worry”

They would keep away everything to help you out, even if it is something they might have no idea about. But they would do it because it would put a smile on your face, and that matters to them. Nothing else. They could be doing something important, but nevertheless, they would leave everything, if only to be of assistance.

3. “I REALLY miss you”

This is powerful. This means a lot to anyone, the fact that out of hundreds of people they might know, they only miss you. You are on their mind, and no matter what might come by, you are the one they miss talking to, or just being with. Your absence hits them hard, because they care about your existence, and they would rather be with you, than with thousands of other people, because they love you. And when they say “really”, they mean it.

4. “I am worried about you”

These are the people who would call you hundreds of times, when you are alone, or late and it is urgent. They are the ones that would gray their hair just thinking about you. Anything you do has a deeper impact on them, since they could never see anything but a smile on your face. Anything else and they would blame themselves for not being of help to you.

5. “I am here. Relax”

These people would be there for you, no matter the place, time or situation. Anything to help you out. When you are crying, or depressed, or any mood which isn’t happy, they would be the ones wanting to be with you, so that they can uplift it. They are confident that their love would show when they talk, and knowing that someone cares, is uplifting.

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6. “I respect you a lot”

It’s not just love. It has respect too. They respect you as a human being and are proud of what you have achieved. They talk about you to their friends, because they want you to be proud of yourself. They treat you as an equal, and there is admiration and adoration for you. Love doesn’t mean obsession simply, it brings in equations of respect too. And these people respect you, not just because they love you, but because you are worth it.

7. “I will never leave you”

Nothing should be in the fog anymore. Someone who tells you that they would never leave you, if they mean it, genuinely loves you. You can have your faults and vices, but they would never leave you. It could be very much because of the reason that they love you, and know that letting you go would mean letting a part of themselves go, which they aren’t okay with. You mean everything to them, and letting go of that is not possible. If you still doubt that this person loves you, don’t. They do.

8. “I am not gonna grow old without you”

The best statement ever said. If someone wants to grow old with you, there can’t be any doubt left in anyone’s mind. They love you, so much that they would willingly be there for you and with you till the end of time, even if it means that they have to see your face throughout the ages.

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