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8 Things Men Do When They Meet The Love Of Their Life


8 Things Men Do When They Meet The Love Of Their Life

Are you a skeptic who believes that love as a pristine, pure emotion exists only in movies and novels?

Are you in a relationship but unsure and confused about how your man feels about you?

Read on skeptics, romantics and lovebirds, and decode the feelings and cues the man in your life is giving you and shatter your stereotypical belief that men-do-not-fall-in-love:

1. Makes You Happy

If your man has found his soulmate in you, he will go to any length to make you happy. He would pay as much attention and respect to your needs as his, even sometimes putting your needs before his. There is no extra mile he would not cover to pamper you.

2. Bares Himself Before You

When a man is in love with you, he trusts you completely. He will confide his darkest fears, insecurities and secrets in you because he knows that you will love him with his flaws and vulnerabilities. He sees in you a support-system before whom he can bare his heart out. So, rejoice if the mask of the charmer slips before you, for the biggest sign that you are the woman of his dreams is that your man loves you enough to be himself in front of you!

3. Makes an Effort

If you end up as the only one putting in the hard work to make your relationship work, it is perhaps time to reconsider if you are with the Right Man. For men, when they are in love, also take an active interest, adjust and compromise to make the relationship work. If you mean something to your man, he will go out of his way to ensure your safety and comfort. He will pay attention to your emotional needs and put in his share of efforts to work out a healthy relationship with you.

4. He is Committed

It is about time that we break the myth of men having a phobia of commitment. Your man, if he has serious feelings for you, will take the plunge and invest all his energies and emotions into the relationship. He would care enough to know that a healthy relationship requires the wholehearted efforts, time and intent of both the individuals concerned. So, if your man is doing his bit in keeping the romance alive, you have struck gold!

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5. Values your Achievements

No, he does not have to be a feminist; just a man who loves you with all his heart, the way you deserve. If you matter to him, then his pride and happiness at your success will be strong enough to fight off the banal ‘male ego’. He will be there by your side as your biggest support, cheering you in your struggles and rejoicing in your achievements.

6. Involves you in His Life

When the man is passionately in love with you, it means he cherishes being in your company. He would involve you in every sector of his life. You two would be spending quality time bonding over hobbies you share, he will confide in you about his workplace, share his goals and fantasies and seek advice when he runs into trouble. If he loves you as unconditionally as you do, he would be there by your side in sun and shower, happiness and sorrow, his love giving you the strength to overcome every challenge.

7. Your Advice Matters to Him

If a man loves you, then he loves not only your physical beauty but you as a person who brings radiance, beauty and meaning to his life. He considers you an inseparable part of his life, so in moments of crisis, he will turn to you for advice. He cherishes the mutual bond and companionship you both share, which is why your opinions matter so much to him.

8. Values the Little Things

Life unfolds in every moment we breathe and amidst long-term career goals, small gestures allow us to steal moments of joy and make the humdrum day full of struggles at the workplace, home and elsewhere, special. If he is your partner-in-crime in these stolen moments, catching movies together, a romantic date perhaps, if he values these little things as much as you do, this is the soulmate you are destined to share a meaningful happy life with.

So, if you already have this amazing man in your life, hold him tight and cherish every moment with him. If not, keep looking for the Right Man who would one day restore your faith in the idea of love.

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