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7 Things That Are More Painful Than Cheating On Your Partner


7 Things That Are More Painful Than Cheating On Your Partner

You spend all the time trying to build your relationship like a mighty fortress. You go out of your way to make sure it stays in shape.

But then it strikes. Nothing quite surpasses the immediate wave of shock upon realizing that all this time, your partner has been cheating on you. You are left alone with a crumbled sandcastle, wondering what went wrong.

Could things have possibly been different on the course of this relationship if you were alert? Yes!

Read on to know the 8 acts in a relationship which points to a future dissonance in your harmonious relationship:

1. The habit of lying

It’s often said that the act of lying to a romantic partner is the worst signal of a deteriorating relationship. To lie is not something impulsive – it is a habit which is inculcated over time. If you find your partner lying to you about trivial things, be alert. Don’t act after things get out of your hands. Ask him/her to elaborate the reason why he/she chose to lie.

2. Constant feeling of indifference

If you feel that your partner hasn’t been readily accepting your affectionate actions/words, ask him/her why. The whole scenario of acting distant is very tough for a lover to accept. If you, on the other hand, feel irritated whenever your partner is trying to be physically/mentally affectionate to you, you better realize that your relationship is going downhill. Work on it!

3. Repressing anger against your partner

If you find yourself repressing your anger or frustration against your partner, it’s a potential red flag signifying the danger of the relationship. You must understand that a relationship demands both of the associated personalities to be equally honest and upright about their feelings and emotions. An unattended pool of emotions is the devil’s workshop!

4. Lack of important face-to-face talks

With time, we learn to adapt to our romantic partner and feel at ease in his/her company. We learn to speak freely about our successes and failures. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable around your partner for some reason, you should be worried. Uncomfortable communications are never 100% honest. And if you are not openly discussing your life with your partner (and vice-versa), your relationship is probably racing towards a dead end.

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5. Constant arguing over trivial matters

The keyword is “constant”. If you find yourself arguing with your romantic partner over trivial issues, it is just a part and parcel of a healthy long-term relationship. Because after all, it helps to point out the mistakes you probably overlooked. But if this kind of “trivial arguing” becomes regular and constant, it doesn’t really signify a healthy relationship anymore. It might turn out to be a blame game: “I am always right. You are wrong”. Never allow competition to seep in. It will kill off the romantic vibe forever.

6. Being in a relationship just for the sake of it

If you find yourself constantly questioning yourself “Am I with the right person?” – YOU AREN’T.  Don’t just be in a romantic relationship with someone because your best friends are happily in love. Don’t take love as a social status of happiness. It really is SO much more than just that! If you find yourself genuinely attracted to someone, get out of your way to be associated with that person romantically. Otherwise, it’s better if you keep out of this rat race of chasing status to work on your own ambitions and goals in life.

7. Being overtly clingy and demanding

Rule number one of being in love: you shouldn’t be clingy about your romantic partner. Because honestly, being clingy is a major turn off for most people out there. It reveals your insecurity about your own personality. Everyone requires personal freedom to work efficiently in today’s world. Be liberal and kind-hearted. Don’t demand all of his/her leisure time to be spent with you. Respect your romantic partner’s private sphere and work sphere. If you still find yourself spiralling down the evil act of being clingy, your relationship is in danger.

With these 7 warning signs, we hope your relationship prospers!

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