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12 Reasons Why A Female Empath Can Never Be Dominated By Men


12 Reasons Why A Female Empath Can Never Be Dominated By Men

Have you ever wondered why you can NEVER settle for the second-best? Be it in the domain of love, career, family – you always find yourself struggling to be satisfied with what’s on your plate. You always try to set the benchmark by yourself. This leads to more heartbreaks than the cases of success.

You crave for a deep, spiritual connection with the person you’d fall in love with. You do not want the “small talk”. Instead, you work hard to take your relationship up to the very zenith of a marvellous life. And if it tumbles down, it breaks your heart in a million pieces like that of Sisyphus.

Men cannot handle you right away. But why is it so? We list 12 possible reasons why a female empath like you is so different.

1. She needs time to trust

Her life has been a rollercoaster ride. She has been manhandled, cheated on or even harassed in a toxic relationship. The communication gap between her close friends and herself has increased. So, she puts her guard up whenever she meets someone new. Cautious about every single step, she allows herself to be free around him only if he earns her trust.

2. She believes in self-discovery

She doesn’t take everything for granted. She asks questions to clarify everything and asks why things are meant to be in a certain manner as they are. This habit of constant questioning is often not appreciated by fellow partners, who are simply not capable of living up to her standard. Whose loss is it in the end, she wonders.

3. She doesn’t settle for anything less than the best

She knows her own worth so she never goes by the words “be happy with what you have”. She gets out of the cliched way to make things happen. If someone is not fully focused on building a healthy relationship with her, she bounces out.

4. She knows if you are lying

Being an empath, she can pierce the veil of lies comfortably. Her supernatural ability to detect flaky lies from the valuable words of commitment makes all the difference. She knows right away who is trying to put up a show to win her over and who genuinely wants to build a substantial relationship with her.

5. She has a very clear conception of her needs

She knows very well what to expect out of her own life. She knows her own worth better than anybody else and knows exactly what she deserves. She never dreams of the extraordinary to happen to her. She keeps realistic targets in life and makes sure she achieves each and every one of them.

6. She is very quick in proper judgement

If she sees someone going out of his way to do something for her, she sees through the action for hidden motives. She acknowledges people who are genuinely kind-hearted. If someone’s trying to hatch a secret motive in front of you, he better be aware of the consequences!

7. She has an unwavering mentality

She just does not know how to say “I quit!” She inspects the situation, marks her points of failure and works on them to come back stronger. If she is determined to get someone/something, she puts the extraordinary effort in order to keep her promise.

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8. She is all about being self-sufficient

She never bows down her head in front of anybody for a favor. She is financially independent and mentally unconfined. She knows how to take care of her family and, most importantly, herself.

9. She believes in balance and loathes instability

She doesn’t find unstable thought processing to be a solution out of misery. She strives for constancy in everything, be it her workplace, family life or her lover. She expects a fully committed man to play his own part as well.

10. She is truthful

She doesn’t like to be flaky by uttering words she doesn’t mean. She likes to be sincere and straightforward in a conversation. Dishonesty is not her cup of tea at all.

11. She has exceptional energy

Being around her is hectic. She is jolly and lively. Living in the moment is her motto. She conducts her daily chores with tremendous energy level. That quintessentially defines who she is.

12. She hates to be imprisoned by commonplace norms

She is self-sufficient. She knows how to lead her own life and does not ask for “protection” from her better half like the rest of the world. She is proud of her own unique identity and upholds herself rightfully, saying “phenomenal woman, that’s me!”

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