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8 unique ways Empaths love differently


8 unique ways Empaths love differently

It’s a wonderful experience when someone is in love with you. When that person is an empath, it becomes an experience like no other! It’s like their love is coming from a higher plane and you’ll wonder what you’ve done to be granted this blessing.

These are the unique ways in which an empath loves deeply:

1. They are generous almost to a fault

Generosity comes naturally to empaths. They are completely selfless and will always think about you first. You will end up thanking heaven for their very existence on this planet. They will offer you all that you desire, even if you haven’t actually asked them for anything. They’ll pour their heart and soul into the relationship because giving is as easy as breathing to them.

2. They will never hurt you

Their abilities as empaths allow them to feel all that is felt by those around them and this includes all their pain and sorrow. They are constantly being attacked by negativity from all sides and they know what it is like to feel your heart slowly break. They’ll do all that they can to keep you from feeling the kind of pain that they sense coming from everyone around them. You can be sure that they’ll never be unfaithful to you and that they’ll never be unavailable to you when you need them. They are the ones to always be there for you.

3. Their pain is theirs to bear

Though their pain is constant, they never actually get accustomed to it. But no matter how much they are hurting, they will never try to shift that burden onto someone else so you don’t have to be afraid of taking it on. However, they might distance themselves for a while so that they can deal with it. While they need their space, they’ll also need you to give them comfort. They’ve given you so much so it is only right that you be their rock when they are hurting.

4. Trapped hearts

It might look like empaths find it easy to just fall in love over and over again, but nothing could be more wrong. Empaths have had their hearts broken more often than most by people who have taken advantage of their natural kindness. When this happens too many times, some lock up their hearts and throw up walls so high that no one can ever get close to them. When they do this, you need to be patient and keep fighting to get them out of their own heads. Show them how much you love them and help them to feel again.

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5. They need solitude

Empaths understand the people around them better than anyone else can, but they don’t like crowds. The barrage of feelings coming in from all directions can wear them out in seconds. They have to stop and take some time to take in all the vibration they’re receiving. This doesn’t mean that they’re tired of you. It’s just that they need some time alone to rejuvenate themselves. They’ll give you the same space when you need it.

6. They are always honest

The truth might hurt but empaths won’t take the easy way out. They abhor lies and will always choose the truth, no matter how bitter it is. You can be sure that they will never ever lie to you or manipulate you. You will get complete openness and honesty, but you’ll have to give the same in return.

7. They are intuitive

Empaths have sharp intuitive abilities that allow them to notice things others cannot sense. They’ll be able to sense what you wish to tell them, even if you don’t quite know how to express yourself. You’ll never be able to pretend in from of them and they’ll do their best to help you understand your own emotions.

8. A love like no other

You’ll never find a lover more powerful, more truthful and more intense. If you are one of the blessed few to be blessed with an empath’s love, your life will never be the same again. The connection with them will be almost telepathic because they can sense whatever you are feeling. There will never be an experience more satisfying. You will always come first to them.

This incredible image was taken from Maja Topčagić/500px

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