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20 Signs Indicating You Have The Rarest Personality Type


20 Signs Indicating You Have The Rarest Personality Type

2% of the entire planet’s population comes under the INFJ personality type.

It is the rarest personality type as defined under the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Such people are known to be emotionally mature, very intelligent and intuitive.

Here are some of the signs which indicate if you are among them:

1. Most of them complain of never feeling like a part of a group. They are mostly lonely and cannot connect very well with most people. Well it shouldn’t be a surprise as there are only a few people like them. It is normal for them to feel as if they are different or like they don’t belong because of the rareness of their personality type.

2. They will not waste another second on something that they do not see worthwhile. In the same way, they do not have time for people who are not genuine. For them, quality ranks much higher than quantity in every aspect of life.

3. Other people find it extremely easy to be close to them and even to show them their vulnerable side. The reason is that INFJ Personality types are extremely great listeners and they make other people feel at ease around them. They are warm, kind and nice individuals and people often spill out their heart, soul AND secrets to them.

4. They are also highly empathetic in nature. This means that they can sense the emotions of others as if they were their own. This is why they are quick to forget and forgive if their friends have wronged them somehow. Empathy is for sure of their characteristics.

5. They do not have time for anything that isn’t genuine. They don’t like drama. If there are manipulative people around them, they will not waste even a second in getting them out of their life. Toxic and such people are not welcome in their lives.

6. They like traveling and learning from experience. They are interested in other cultures and languages and are always ready for an adventure.

7. They sometimes believe they are extroverts and thus go all out and party. But in reality, they are introverts and thus they get very uncomfortable very soon in such social situations. They prefer smaller crowds rather than big ones.

8. They prefer spending time on their own because it gives them an opportunity to regain their energy. Solitude heals their soul.

9. They have huge ideas about changing the world. And they will not settle for the monotony of a 9 to 5 job if they feel it’s not worth it. They are also great team players!

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10. They take their friendships very seriously and are extremely loyal. This is probably the best person to be in a relationship with.

11. They’d rather work on their own, although they do like teamwork. This is just because they’d rather not be around too many people.

12. They are not into small talks. They are all for deep and meaningful conversations, if you want to engage them in one. Choose your topics wisely around them.

13. They have great ambition and work very hard to achieve what they want. They won’t settle for just whatever.

14. They want everything to be perfect, and they take criticism too seriously, so make sure to choose your words carefully. If they feel that they have failed, they are very prone to becoming depressed or severely anxious.

15. They are good with words and languages. And owing to their preference to work alone, they make great writers.

16. They pay attention to their gut feeling. They are highly intuitive.

17. They prefer friends who are extroverted. They also notice how their friends treat them. It is important for them to know.

18. They are great when it comes to planning for the future. They can be very systematic and elaborate about their action plan on how to achieve their target.

19. But this also means that they sometimes tend to lose the thread of reality and present. They get so carried away in their thinking of the future, that they need the help of friends who understand them to bring them back to the current moment.

20. They are very compassionate and caring. They worry deeply about others. This is also one of the reasons they make for great partners because they will always love them deeply and take care of them.

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