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8 Signs That You Are Meant To Achieve Something Bigger On This Planet


8 Signs That You Are Meant To Achieve Something Bigger On This Planet

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”― Paulo Coelho

Have you ever felt like you are made for great things? Your potential cannot be recorded within the typical 9 to 5 job? You have a constant desire to define your destiny? Then behold! You are meant for greater things. You are someone who can dream and achieve. Is the path smooth? Definitely not.

It is not easy to cross these hurdles. Many of us fear failure and take a step back, until we realise we can never be content without reaching our goals. It is important to first identify our path and then find ways to reach our destination. Sometimes, the journey can also be the pathfinder. You have to believe in yourself.

These are just few signs that will prompt you to take the first step, to pause and ponder if you are meant to fulfill the Divine Purpose:

1. You suck at working for other people

You are born to be a leader and you know it in your heart of hearts. You have great ideas that you believe can change the world. Working for someone means adhering to a set of norms that mostly limit creativity, flexibility and freedom, leaving you unfulfilled. You crave for expansion, broadening your horizons each day and challenging yourself to achieve more.

2. You tend to put things off until you’re really inspired

You are a procrastinator, forever stuck in the maze of “to be or not to be.” You must know what kind of a person you are. Are you the kind that thrives on fear of failure? Or does lack of inspiration hold you back? Either way you get things done once you are determined and that is a sign of a person who wishes to make a difference. You just need a push sometimes, we all do.

3. As a kid, you thought adults who wore suits and went off to work were crazy

You have always thought out of the box. For you, routine is lethal. You knew you could have a greater impact on the world in your shorts than in a suit. It’s all about perspective and being yourself. Societal standards of measuring success have never been your cup of tea. Freedom is something you can never compromise on. So live your dreams don’t let the world make you believe otherwise: you can do it.

4. You love what you do so much you’d do it for free

Passion is everything for you. You deserve to know your worth, once you notice the contribution you are making to the world, those you serve will know it too. Your purpose in life is more than mere appreciation or money. Your love for what you are doing is the driving force that will help you achieve the pinnacle of success.

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5. You are an idealist. You see the world at its best and will stop at nothing to get there.

You actually believe that the world is a beautiful place and everyone can live in harmony. People will always cast cynical glances and call you an “idealist” like it’s a cuss word… but do not give in. Being an idealist in a broken world takes courage, it makes you a creator. You create your own world and the rest will follow. Hope is a good thing.

6. You can’t always say how you know things, but sometimes you just “know”

Visionaries do not need an external stimulus to act. Their vision is a manifestation of an inner voice. They know all sorts of things, it may be the gut feeling or intuition, but it brings them near to their destiny. They are more susceptible to the hidden signs of the universe that reveal themselves only to those destined for greatness.

7. You feel things. Big time.

It is okay to feel things deeply. It is not an obstruction like many would like you to believe but a blessing. What you feel is the truth, it is this truth that determines your contribution to the universe. The way you feel about something is unique, it is real. This feeling will guide you towards what you really want to achieve. Don’t let burdens crush these feelings, make them your strength.

8. You’re more frustrated by having too many ideas than you are by not having any at all

You are always buzzing with millions of ideas, and you enjoy it rather than a complete lack of them. You believe ideas can change the world. Sometimes, while trying to execute too many ideas at once, you create a hotchpotch. But it is okay, great things are born out of utter chaos. It is important that you count your blessings and priorities. Don’t let the overwhelming feeling of inadequacy get to you, ideas are the pillars of your dreams. Follow them with dedication and you are bound to succeed.

Most of all remember: it is never too late. We either get busy living or get busy dying. So if you believe you can change the world, trust yourself and follow your dreams. There’s only one thing stopping you: you.

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