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7 Of The Biggest Ways People Cheat In Their Relationships


7 Of The Biggest Ways People Cheat In Their Relationships

Often people in a romantic relationship are curious to know the exact definition of cheating. Of course, none exists. Consequently, most people are utterly confused about how porous their relationship can be or when an act is confirmed as cheating.

Since there is no unified social voice that defines this deed, for your convenience I’ve laid down few acts that may constitute as cheating.

1. Exchanging texts

In case you are repeatedly exchanging texts with someone you find attractive or someone who finds you attractive, then you are emotionally cheating on your partner. It is not as if people don’t have friends outside their relationship or they don’t spend time with them. But in case you feel the need to spend more time texting that person than having a conversation with your partner, then you are sharing your personal and emotional space with an outsider and hence cheating.

2. Giving incomplete or no information about certain people

If you feel the need to drop out certain people’s names from your conversations with your partner, then you may be on the path of cheating. And if you are hiding names because you fear that it may ignite an uncomfortable conversation or lead to a fight, then it is deceit. Most people do this in terms of their exes that they may still be in contact with. It is okay to befriend your ex-lovers but, if you constantly feel the need to drop their names from your conversations with your partner, then you are successfully cheating in your relationship.

3. You conceal your relationship status

There are people who more often than not like to remain single in front of the world. They conceal their relationship status from their acquaintances. If you are hiding your relationship with your partner then you are also cheating on him/her.

4. Healthy Flirting

Often people believe that healthy flirting keeps the spark in a relationship alive. Perhaps this may not be the case always.

It’s best that before you start flirting with anyone, you speak with your partner about it. Also, do not conceal your relationship from the person you are planning to flirt with. You may end up hurting and cheating on both of them. Hence it is best that you avoid flirting with anyone while in relationship.

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5. You want to impress someone other than your partner

It’s great if you like to dress up every now and then. But pause for a moment and check to see if it is really for yourself, your partner, or for someone else. Yes, we do love to receive compliments from strangers but that does not mean we specially dress up for them.

If you are planning an outfit to catch someone else’s attention then you may be unknowingly cheating on your partner.

6. You look for comfort outside your relationship

We all need a friend, who is not our partner, on whom we can rely on every now and then. And it is perfectly fine! However, if the person concerned is someone other than your friend, then you may be in trouble.  There are times that people who are attracted to us also create a comforting presence around us. It’s okay to be in their presence but don’t get used to their comfort for leaning on every time you want to converse about your partner to someone. You know you may be cheating on both of them.

7. You have too many virtual friends on the Internet

Many of us find it difficult to have face-to-face conversations in real life and get to know them. As a result of this, there has been an increasing attraction towards the cyber world which allows us to access all the information we want, including details about people we may not know otherwise. People who spend most of their time on the Internet following their crushes are also cheating on their partners. It doesn’t have to be online conversations always to qualify as cheating; just stalking someone you like or someone who likes you and feeling desirous about that person also defines the act of cheating.

In case you feel the need to confirm with someone if you may be cheating in your relationship, then perhaps you already are.

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