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7 Scientifically Proven Signs That You Are Truly In Love


7 Scientifically Proven Signs That You Are Truly In Love

Millennial kids have been exuberant about true love ever since the world was introduced to the evergreen tragic love story of Jack and Rose in “Titanic”. The conquest of a man’s “one true love” takes too many turns in its course. Hence, he’s left wondering about the reality of his love.

“Am I in love with her? How does falling in love genuinely feels like?” The questions are never-ending – and rightfully so. It takes a lot of groundbreaking commitments and sacrifices to build up the quotient of true love with that special person.

Wondering if your love story is set to last beyond ages? Well, look no more!

We have compiled a list of 7 scientifically proven signs that you are truly in love with the woman of your dreams. Read on!

1. You cannot stay away from each other

The charm has worked on you. You do not want to be away from her even for an hour. The mental connection and physical intimacy makes you crave for more. Even if you are away, you feel at home while thinking about her! Psychologists say that this tendency of missing a lover is the most important indicator of true love. You’ve managed to invest in this person emotionally and your mind demands more of her. It’s as if she’s the healthiest drug in your life right now!

2. You want the people around you to love her

You’ve made the single biggest choice of your life. You’ve decided to fall in love and commit to the best person in the world. Now, your crippling anxiety and nervousness kick in as you are eager to introduce her to your friends and family! That means you truly are in love with her and really want her to be a part of your dynamic, happy life as soon as possible.

3. You are the biggest source of support

You never fail to stand up for your lover through phases of success and misery. No matter what, she knows she always has a shoulder of support. The little notions of encouragement help them push harder for success. You’d have to have an amazing relationship to be this cooperative. If it were not for true love, you’d have been low-key jealous of their success stories. Good for you!

4. You like the person as she is

This is a make or break situation for true love. You see so many couples around you being “in love” just for the sake of being in a relationship. You might never want to be with a person you don’t like inherently. It never works out that way. You should like a person enough so that even after a major disagreement, you wish to be back with her again.

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5. You share your life with her

You love sharing every intricate detail of your daily life with her. You do not miss out on little things like the cute puppy you met today, the amazing fast food joint you came across – you get the point. Sharing your life’s information with others requires the cushion of solid trust – something which is exclusive to true love!

6. You’ve worked on yourself to be a better person

Ever since you fell in love, it has given you another channel of motivation to do well in life. You’ve worked hard to get those “A” grades in the class. You’ve invested time in learning a new instrument. You are working hard towards a promotion at work. You’ve learnt to make sacrifices for her happiness. You now pay attention to the little things which used to hold you back from being the best. True love has made you a different person altogether!

7. You are concerned about her when you are away

You get concerned about your lover when you are away from her for a week. Little things around you constantly remind you of her. You miss her and you worry about their well being. You worry how you would have survived the tough phases of your life if you didn’t have her. After all, life seems to be even more beautiful with your true love now, doesn’t it?

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