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Scientists Reveal 8 Definite Factors That Make People Cheat


Scientists Reveal 8 Definite Factors That Make People Cheat

Before we proceed, let us all get one thing clear and that is, cheating can never be right. No matter what the reason is, even if someone else is at fault, cheating can never be the answer. Walk out of the relationship if you think that the problems don’t have a solution. This will not only hurt your partner but it will also change your personal concept of love and loyalty.

However, it can’t be denied that there are certain things that can provoke you or rather force you to cheat. It can be a response to something they have been forcing you to do. Some people do bring out the devil in us and leave us with no other choice than cheating. Yes. People do provocative things. After spending quite a number of years on research, scientists have broken it down for us and jotted down 8 points that reveal the factors that push a person to cheat.

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1. Absence of emotional intimacy

It is very easy to get naked but it’s tough to touch someone’s soul before touching their body. Sometimes, the people that we love give us everything but the permission to be emotionally intimate with them. When after being really close, there will be a certain degree of emotional aloofness that will push them away from you. If you want your relationship to last, make sure you make them feel comfortable enough to be emotionally vulnerable in front of you. According to marriage counselor Gary Neuman, 47% of his male clients who cheated talked about the absence of emotional intimacy.

2. Influence of experience and society

Even though your past doesn’t determine the person you are, a lot can surely be found out about you from your behavior in your past relationships. If someone has a cheating history, there are huge chances of them cheating on you too. A lot of time we are under the assumption that the person might change this time just for us, but that is less likely to happen. Also, people we hang out with and our friends play an important role too. If your friends think that it is ‘cool’ to cheat on your partner in their absence than you too will be influenced by it. After all, birds with the same feather flock together.

3. Boring intimate relationship

Your physical relationship with your partner is the last thing that should be holding your relationship together, but it still is on the list. Both men and women tend to cheat if they have a boring sex life with their partners. 70% of men and 49% of women decide to cheat because their sexual needs weren’t met by their partners.

4. Vulnerability because of the quarter-life crisis

A quarter-life crisis occurs when a person’s youth has faded and they are now beginning to move towards their mid 30’s. People tend to look back and see an overall picture of their happiness. Most of them tend to become vulnerable and decide on cheating on their partner just because they aren’t satisfied with what their life looks like at that point of time or because they have lost the zeal. This age is possibly 29, 39, or 49.

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5. Excessive interest in social networks

I’m not saying that everyone who uses social media cheats. But too much involvement in social media can create an invisible distance in your relationship. People are more likely to get distracted if their life revolves around social media. This is because they start finding loop holes in their relationship and stop investing. There are too many fishes in the sea, but the best is the one you invest in.

6. Work and business trips

A research found out that more than 1/3 of cheating men are serious businessmen who used to cheat on their beloved women during business trips.  Even 13% of women are accused of the same. Excessive greed of money and quick success makes people do bad things, indeed.

7. Lack of Oxytocin

In one experiment, several married men were injected with oxytocin, got acquainted with an attractive woman, and told they could get as close to her as they wanted. Participators that got a hormone dose insisted on a bigger distance between them and the woman than those who got a placebo. Oxytocin is basically hug hormones. Triggering and lack of this hormone can make someone cheat too. Yes. It is that important.

8. I just can’t choose another way

As saddening as it is, some people just cannot stay loyal. I’m sorry but it is what it is. You can do everything in the world for them but they will still be disloyal.

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