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10 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Emotionally Harmed


10 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Emotionally Harmed

We all have our own ways of handling the hurt that we are going through. When it is our emotions that have been torn apart, each and every one of us deals with it differently. What you’re doing to deal with it might seem strange to others but this only happens because your thought processes are different.

Below are some of the things you could be doing to deal with your wounded emotions while they heal.

1. Constantly looking for something to distract you

Keeping yourself busy with work helps you stop thinking about your problems. You probably have quite a few thoughts you want to get away from so you work as hard as possible to relax and put your stray thoughts together. This could have positive effects but that depends on what you’re doing to distract yourself.

2. The intensity of your emotions causes you to go numb

Everything you feel is magnified a hundredfold and you experience your own emotions in a deep, visceral manner. Sometimes you almost buckle at the intensity of your emotions and when that happens, you feel yourself go numb because your brain knows that you can’t handle it at that moment.

3. Erratic sleep cycle

Either you’re sleeping way too much and missing most of your alarms or you’re barely able to sleep. At this stage, there’s hardly an in-between for you. There are nights when you lie awake and struggle through your own thoughts as you’re unable to stop thinking about everything you’ve had to deal with.

4. An obsession with things out of your control

The past just can’t seem to let go of you. You keep going over everything that has already been said or done and you can’t stop, especially when it is something negative. Dark thoughts beckon to you and you find it difficult to reach the light at a time like this.

5. Living in the moment

When everyone around you is making plans for the future, you put all your effort into handling the present. You use your time to indulge in things that you enjoy. People around you may think that you’re being childish but they don’t understand the pain that you’re going through.

6. You just can’t stop thinking

You don’t want to repeat whatever led to all the pain that you are feeling so you tend to repeatedly obsess and analyze everything that happens to you. No matter how trivial an incident is, you let it get under your skin. Everyone thinks too much and procrastinates now and then but you’ve reached new levels.

7. Everything makes you cry

Tears start streaming from your eyes the moment even the smallest of issues crop up. Others probably wouldn’t even give the same issue a second thought but it upsets you. However, all of this is a part of your journey of healing. As you gradually get better, you will be able to keep going and all this pain will be left behind in the past.

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8. You can’t let go of even negative people

With all the pain that you’re in, you instinctively reach out for things that you are comfortable with. It doesn’t matter to you even if that comfortable thing is an abusive relationship or negative people who just make things worse. Even those who care about you can’t comprehend why you would do this and this just causes you more pain.

9. You’re mostly defensive

While you could handle jokes and teasing before, now, even the most inoffensive of jokes on your behalf can put you on the defensive. Criticism, no matter how constructive, gets to you because your sensitivity to pain is heightened at the moment.

10. People irritate you

Patience no longer comes easily to you so you get irritated with others very quickly. Many people are put off when you do this because they can’t figure out what has caused the change in your behaviour.

Emotional hurt requires a long and hard process of healing. You end up unable to trust anybody, let alone yourself, and your thoughts are more destructive than you’d like to believe.

However, there is an end to this journey just like with all others and you will come out better and stronger! If you see these symptoms in others, give them the love and affection that you needed at that time and help them to heal.

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