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10 Signs You Are Way Too Hard On Yourself And It’s Damaging Your Health


10 Signs You Are Way Too Hard On Yourself And It’s Damaging Your Health

We all make mistakes in life and there is nothing new about it. But what is important to think about is how we deal with our failures. We are our worst critics – we tend to overthink things till life looks bleak and miserable, we do not forgive ourselves, we refuse to believe others when they offer genuine love and sympathy.

We are very hard on ourselves when we should learn to forgive and make amends for the things gone chaotic.

Here are 10 things that trouble people who do not give themselves a chance:

1. No peaceful sleep

You constantly remember all the mistakes you have made, arguments you had and even the crimes you might have committed in the past life before going to bed. This is why you can’t seem to get a proper sleep at night. You don’t have to repeat unnecessarily all the negativity in your head.

If it’s any motivation for you, short-term problems of no sleep can include:

Lack of alertness: Even missing as little as 1.5 hours can have an impact, research shows.

Impaired memory: Lack of sleep can affect your ability to think and to remember and process information.

Relationship stress: It can make you feel moody, and you can become more likely to have conflicts with others.

Quality of life: You may become less likely to participate in normal daily activities or to exercise.

Greater likelihood for car accidents: Drowsy driving accounts for thousands of crashes, injuries and fatalities each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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2. Satisfaction? What is that?

No matter how talented you are or how much people praise you, there will always be a feeling that you could do better or you are not good enough. One small error makes you frantic!

3. You don’t ask for help!

You think that you can handle everything on your own. Asking for help is somehow a blow to your abilities and you don’t want to cause any trouble to others on your part.

4. Responsibility of friends

You feel like you are responsible for the happiness of your friends and family. If they are not having a good time then you see it as a failure on your part. You spend too much time thinking about others than yourself.

5. Can’t handle criticism

Let’s face it; you can’t handle criticism even if it’s only minor. You already are self-critical and if someone remotely mentions about your errors then you will remember it for ages. You try to avoid making mistakes just for this reason. You don’t need others criticizing you when you can do the job perfectly!

6. Skepticism regarding compliments

Compliments never go down well with you simply because you have a hard time believing that someone is giving you a genuine praise. You don’t give yourself compliments and when someone else does it all goes down the drain.

7. You don’t like being vulnerable

You tend to get nervous regarding your weaknesses. You don’t want others to see you as vulnerable, someone in need for help. Your image is that of a strong person and you don’t want anything to change that.

8. You think too much!

Whenever you make a mistake, you think people will never forgive you for it. You fear that it will destroy your relationship with people and things will never be the same again. Just like you are hard on yourself, you think people will also be the same with you.

9. So Sorry!

Sorry is your second word. You say sorry so much that even sorry becomes sorry for you using it so often. You even apologize for the things you have no control over like traffic or some natural calamity.

10. Awkward about love

You don’t know how to receive love because you view yourself as this flawed person who can improve so much. When someone loves you then you think that it is only temporary, or that love is not genuine. You think people will leave you once they know who you are. Your walls are built way too high and you rarely let people in.

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