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18 things you need to get rid of Immediately


18 things you need to get rid of Immediately

Decluttering is healthy.

Illustrated Sports Weekly or Femina doesn’t know everything about your health. It doesn’t always depend on a skincare routine, or crash-diet. Sometimes, cleaning things out of your home and life, can contribute to building a better health.

These are 18 things that must move out of your house and your life as soon as possible.

1. Worn-out running shoes

Over-used shoes can harm the soles of your feet and provide less protection. At a younger age, it can even mar your height. Sneakers should be discarded after 3 months of rigorous use.

2. Spice overstayers

Expiry dates exist for a reason. Along with depleting taste and flavor, it will also be harmful for your health.

3. Leftovers

Animal protein should be refrigerated or discarded. It becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in diseases that could be fatal.

4. Choked filters in air conditioners and air purifiers

These attract germs and must be changed periodically. If clogged, it will defile the quality of air, and prove to be fatal. Let’s not multiply the damage they are already causing the environment.

5. Old contact lens case

Using your lens solution beyond its date, can lead to eye infections. While we’re here, remember never to fall asleep with contact lenses on.

6. Dishwashing sponge

Wipe counters with tissues. Sponge retains the bacteria, which festers further because it’s damp. One should beware especially of stagnant raw fish containing salmonella.

7. Old lipstick or lip gloss

It is highly advised to discard beauty products after 6 months of use.

8. Chair

Remember to leave the seat. We’re always restricted to closed spaces, so remember to get up and walk around. It ensures less stiffness of muscles and prevents back problems.

9. Old plastic container

Use containers made of wood or glass, inside the microwave. Don’t use PC marked substances, as they are harmful.

10. Air freshener

Chemicals used for preserving good fragrance can have a long-term negative effect on your health. Steer clear of it. Start investing in natural aroma by setting up plants.

11. Diet coke

The preservatives and artificial sweeteners complicate the balance of microflora, and target the good bacteria which aid the functioning of your organs. Here are 20 practical uses for Coca Cola – proof that coke does not belong in the human body.

And off the record, here’s what happens to your body one hour after drinking a can of coke.

12. Old toothbrush

Don’t use your toothbrush once the bristles are splayed. It must be replaced after 12 weeks. Otherwise, it not only becomes inefficient but also filthy.

13. Old mascara

I know how hard this is for expensive make-up, but it must be done. Using liquid liners past 12 weeks, may lead to inflammation of the eyes, or even worse.

14. Various junk

It never helps to live in a house of trash. Sort out the things you use regularly, from the ones you never will. Put up a garage sale, start a donation drive, or even pass it on to younger siblings. This will open up the house to things you love doing.

15. Plastic cutting boards

The crevices in these slabs are breeding grounds for dangerous germs. They’re also horribly stressful to clean. Kitchen professionals prefer wooden boards instead.

16. Antibacterial soap

Who would have thought that what kills bacteria can kill you too? The chemical Tricsolan, commonly found in these soaps, chips away your immunity.

17. Old clothes

I know clothes carry memories. But if you have 100 garments, of which you wear 10, it only adds onto your frustration. Clear out the space, for a more organized and calming effect.

18. Stretched out bras

This is not merely fashion advice, but medically approved in every sense. Over-used, and loose undergarments don’t do a good job of protecting your body parts. They also give rise to saggy breasts, and immense pain in the spine.

Learn to let go. You are bigger than the material you hold on to. If revamping your house is a chance for you to be happier, DO IT. This will get better once you clean every aspect in your life, and if you’re not the one who’s going to do it, then no one probably will. Your body is your temple, keep it.

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