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7 Things Men Secretly Pay Attention To In Women


7 Things Men Secretly Pay Attention To In Women

We tend to think that men are quite oblivious to little things and only look at the exterior. But they actually notice small details that women might not consider that they are being observed.

And if you’re a woman reading this, pay attention so that you can put this knowledge to good use.

1. Facial expression

Men are actually quite good at figuring out what women are feeling. We all got this ability to differentiate between those who are friendly and those who are hostile as we evolved. And men see more than just what’s out there. They can tell if there’s a coolness in her eyes or if she’s upset because of the tight cast of her lips.

2. The Color Of Her Clothes

This is an easy one. People gravitate towards shades that are an expression of their moods. The shade a woman wears when she’s out with her partner gives them an idea of what’s going on in her head and men are actually good at this intuitive skill. There is also a color personality type test that classifies people according to personality. Knowing this can be of help when meeting someone for the first time.

3. Her Bathroom Singing

While we bathe, we are in complete solitude and that helps us lose our inhibitions. We are completely relaxed and calm and the brain releases more dopamine, making us feel happier. It is only natural that we feel like singing in the shower, even if we’ve had a bad day. Doing this can actually refresh and re-energize us, as it helps us unload the emotions we’re bottling up inside. Men know that taking note of this habit is useful when they’re trying to figure out how their partner is truly feeling.

4. Her Text Messages

Very few of us actually have the courage to show our true feelings, more so when we are trying to talk about those very feelings. We tend to drop subtle signs or use texts to avoid face to face conversations. Men are well aware that women are better at showing their real emotions via text so they try to pay attention to the smallest details in their texts to understand what’s going on. Linguists experts have also proved that our vocabularies reveal our personalities and this is much easier to figure out through text messages.

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5. The Drinks She Orders

Besides the shades people choose, what they eat and drink at given times are also markers that can tell an observer how they’re feeling. For example, a woman might go straight for a glass of wine and some pasta when she’s anxious about something. Men observe what the woman they’re with is eating; not just because they’ll plan the next course accordingly but also because her choice reveals a lot about her emotions at the time. They are also quick to notice whether she consumes alcohol now and then for fun or whether she’s got a drinking problem.

6. What She Wears To Make A Good Impression

When it comes to her clothes, it really doesn’t matter whether they’re in fashion or where she bought them from. However, men do look for good taste and an elegant style. They can also tell how a woman perceives them by looking at her outfit. When she’s interested romantically, she’ll put her best foot forward and make herself look beautiful. If she just wears whatever’s comfortable, she’s just there to hang out with a friend. She also needs to have self esteem and not be too worried about what other people might think.

7. What She Eats

Many women order something light like a salad when they’re dating because they don’t want their date to think they like over-eating. But men don’t really like it when women just order salad because it makes them look under-confident. They feel at ease when a woman just chooses something she likes to eat and is cool about it. Women don’t have to stuff their faces to impress men. As long as they’re happy about whatever they’re eating, and aren’t picking over their food, they will come across as confident and mature.

The image was originally taken form Sean Archer

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