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7 Secrets To Become A Woman No Man Can Leave


7 Secrets To Become A Woman No Man Can Leave

Relationships are one of the biggest mysteries of our times, no?

People shy away from them, are afraid of them and are even shamed for getting into one “too young”.

Thing is, relationships and love can never be equated. Love knows no age, relationships however, require a certain degree of physical, mental, social and even sexual stability.

For the modern woman, it is always and especially difficult. She is judged for everything she does and wants in life, and yet people keep having ungrounded expectations from her.

Even then, if there is respite in the form of love, the added baggage of the relationship that comes with it ruins the experience for her.

What are some of the things she could try? Things that can make her better-equipped for a relationship?

Well, here are seven things that she can try out, and if she becomes a master in these, she will be a woman no man can leave.

Thing is, men are foolhardy and have been trained to be hunter gatherers, with no emotions. If you let them be that way, your relationship is doomed.

You have to be the bigger human being and get him to be a better one himself!

1. Do not lose your temper

This is one of the biggest relationship ruining things: anger. If people are in love, there can be no place for anger, because you would by default not do something that angers the other person.

And look, he will lose his temper; he is bound too. And one day you might snap. But till you reach that point of no return, try harder than usual to keep things cool and collected.

This is one of the hallmarks of not only a healthy relationship but also one of the benchmarks of being a wise human being.

2. Do not keep your wit hidden

People learn by example, don’t they? If you are witty, you will soon be surrounded by smarter people and with smarter company, comes better conversations and more productive lives.

Productive lives always foreground healthy and functional relationships. If there is not sharing of knowledge, the relationship is bound to fail badly.

3. Be honest

But not brutally. Do not break someone’s self-confidence so much that they are scarred beyond repair. Instead, indulge in constructive criticism. Give and receive feedback from your partner with a smile on your face. A relationship is neither a competition nor is it a transaction. Sometimes, you get 50, sometimes you take 80. That is how it works.

4. Care

Do not be indifferent. Being emotionally unavailable in a relationship is something that is one of the biggest red flags. If you cannot be there for them, what is the use of sharing a romantic bond? Yes, it is a trend to be cool and indifferent, but tell me, what is worth more: a loving relationship or a series of flings that leave you hating yourself and with a bad taste in your mouth?

5. Indulge in humour

Once in a while at least. Yes, given today’s world with its penchant for political correctness, it is difficult to find unadulterated humour anymore, but does not mean you just stop laughing and become a Puritan.

Humour is also one of the biggest things that turns people on. This is because it breaks the walls people construct around themselves and exposes their sweeter vulnerable selves a little.

So try harder to laugh at his silly jokes and crack some yourself.

6. Confidence

Show some. Grovelling and emotional dependency to the level of being obsessed with your boyfriend is something absolutely revolting, and it is a slow form of social suicide.

7. Keep the secrets you two share safe

Let’s face it, all of us have plenty of  to chitchat with on a daily basis. What separates bae from the rest are the secrets we share with them. They are like bonds we share.

If you let those loose in front of others, doesn’t that speak volumes about your priorities?

Try these things out and your relationships are bound to improve; maybe slowly, but they will.

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