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What Goes On Inside The Mind Of A Girl Broken By A Narcissist


What Goes On Inside The Mind Of A Girl Broken By A Narcissist

Narcissists aren’t your regular partner. They suffer from trauma deeper than anyone can imagine. Hence, being in a relationship with a narcissistic man will inevitably transfer their sufferings to you. Such a relationship destroys you from within and, by the time you have realized what damage has been done, it’s too late to walk away. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot go back to your prior self – you can, but it takes a great deal of effort!

It’s not even everyone’s cup of tea to identify the toxic relationship they are enduring until their breaking point….

Imagine having to stay in a relationship where you are led to believe that you would be miserable without the other. You are always guilty of something, you are being shamed and called incompetent – all the negativity which no one deserves.

What they make you feel resides deep within you and can have an ever-lasting impact.

Before you start healing, you need to be aware of just how damaging being with a narcissist can be. Here’s what you will feel even when you have been successful in drifting apart from your narcissistic partner.

Incapable of trust

When you greatly trust someone and that trust breaks, you find it very hard to go back to that same level of trust. This distrust extends beyond the person who caused it – you become uncertain of almost everyone around you. Now, if that someone deliberately made you believe that you immensely trust them and it turns out that they have been feeding off your trust all this time, you will be broken beyond measure. It is exactly how ruining it is for a girl dating a narcissist. They become skeptical of everyone around them, finding it very hard to believe anyone, even those who genuinely care for them.

Inability to love

Nobody likes being used. It feels awful realizing you have been there for someone through thick and think, but all they have been doing is using you to boost their ego and narcissism. It is what happens when you are in a relationship with narcissistic people – they make it look like it is your inferiority which drove them apart. You do not feel good enough and constantly feel like you do not deserve anyone’s love or time. And when you feel so bad about your own-self, how would you feel good about others and find them loveable?

Feeling hollow from within

When you have been in love with someone, you feel a void within yourself when you break-up. It’s almost as if you have given a piece of yourself to someone else. So, when you are in a relationship with a narcissist and give them everything you possibly can, you would feel very empty. Despite knowing the fact that the guy was toxic for you, you would miss him because you were sincere with him all along. You would feel like if you start another relationship, you would end up just the same.

So, how is that you break this toxic cycle and alter you mind-set?

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Learn to love yourself again

Remember, healing starts from self-love. It is probably the most effective of cures for everything, especially to feeling worthy. Only when you love yourself will you be able to love others. You need to take care of yourself first and then think about others. It will be like discovering yourself all over again!

Time is the best healer

Nothing changes overnight and an impact as drastic as the one a narcissist will leave, it will demand an immense amount of time before things go back to normal. You will need to remain steadfast and allow yourself to get rid of the toxicity that the previous relationship drew on you. Your mind needs to be open to changes and embrace the fact that all the bad stuff is in the past and you need to move on.

Believe in yourself

Since a narcissist would make you feel bad about your own self and unworthy, you will need to believe in yourself. You will have to reflect on the fact that you survived a devastating relationship and that you are strong enough to endure these times. It is as if you will come out stronger and more resilient than ever. The key is to believe in your own strength.

Even though it will seem as if it is the end of the world, a girl broken by a narcissist needs to understand that it is just the beginning!

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