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18 Things Women Do That Instantly Turn Men Off


18 Things Women Do That Instantly Turn Men Off

Surely looks are crucial when it comes to inciting interest in someone you are dating. In fact, it is a good thing to put efforts in making yourself look good – it aids in turning them on and igniting the spark you are looking for.

However, if you think it is the only thing which will keep them hooked, you are certainly wrong! There is a lot of things which can instantly disrupt their mood and turn them off – you wouldn’t want that now, would you?

So, if you want your man to go wild about you, avoid the following 18 things and you are in the clear!

1. Do not talk only about the negativity in your life. Sure, you have a lot of problems and your life is miserable but it doesn’t really keep the mood alive if they are the only things you keep talking about. It will disinterest him sooner than you think. Be a wave of zeal and positivity instead.

2. Saying you carry a good sportsman spirit but go crazy if you lose will cost you. No man likes a whiner, especially if you have claimed to be a good sport earlier.

3. You are always checking out other guys but fail to admire the man sitting right in front of you. Why would you expect them to show interest in you when you aren’t displaying any attentiveness either?

4. Being jealous is normal but if you are too jealous, it’s highly detrimental to your relationship. If you are constantly competing with other girls and are busy being better than them, you might lose your man’s interest.

5. If you aren’t giving him enough space, you will have ample space after he has broken up with you. You shouldn’t freak out when he talks about having a “guy’s night”; instead, encourage him to spend some time with his friends.

6. It really puts him off when you talk behind your friends’ back. If you are nice to your friends on their face but talk bad things about them to your man, it really makes you look bad.

7. Your man requires you to talk about important stuff and if you are unable to keep relevant conversations alive, he will soon become distant. So, you need to be able to hold meaningful conversations.

8. You shouldn’t define your happiness by how much something costs. It really puts him in a bad mood if you are constantly describing how much a certain costly thing will make you happy.

9. Similarly, if you negate him when he asks you to set goals or attempt making your life better, he wouldn’t like it.

10. It is understandable how a girl likes being asked if she’s okay when she seems off. But if you deliberately avoid talking about your feelings and he is constantly asking, it will put him off.

11. You need to understand that things don’t always go your way and you don’t always get the things you want. But what really upsets him is when you give ultimatums in such instances.

12. Some things are worth fighting for but if you constantly argue with them over the slightest issues, you wouldn’t have him to fight with after a while.

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13. You don’t feel good when your partner says bad things about you in front of your friends or family, right? Well, belittling your man in front of his circle will put you in his bad books.

14. Everyone has their preferences and you should respect them. It really puts him off when you joke about something he really likes, for example a cheesy film!

15. If he is really into you and asks you to mingle with his family or friends, you should listen to him. Inability to meet his expectations would turn him off.

16. We all know how personally disconnecting cell phones are. So, checking your phone every now and then between conversations with him will put him in a mood. It is an obvious indication of disinterest.

17. It isn’t really a good practice to keep on talking about yourself or others. He looks forwards to conversations about his life as well.

18. Sure, he can make you feel good about yourself. But if you don’t understand your own worth, you aren’t as attractive to him.

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