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Stay Alone Until You Find Someone Who Cares About You & Does These 8 Things


Stay Alone Until You Find Someone Who Cares About You & Does These 8 Things

It is extremely rare to find true friends these days, let alone find true love. True love is relatively as fancy as it is idealized in the movies and novels.

However, in reality, it may be rare to find someone with genuine feelings for you. It is not impossible and which is why you wait! When you find real love, it will really be a life changing event for you, after which you will experience feelings you haven’t ever felt before.

Having said how rare true love is, it is worth noticing just how easily we give away our love, claiming to love this person and the one after them and so on. It isn’t actually love, its infatuation. It is why we shouldn’t compromise on something as pure as love. We should wait for the person who makes us feel things in a way no one has made us feel before; love in all its extents and realms. Falling madly and truly in love with someone will enable you to understand and appreciate your own existence.

So, how would you know that the love you two share is real? You should experience the following 8 things and that is how you will know it’s true!

1. They won’t be able to stay apart from you

You should find someone who can’t be apart from you. They should be willing to stand with you every step of the way. They will enjoy your company and won’t stand not seeing you for even a day. When you really love someone, you never get enough of them and want to see them all the time.

2. They will always call to check up on you

You know how huge emotions hide under small gestures of care? Well, you should wait for someone who always calls you just to see if you are doing okay. They will take out a minute from their busy lives just to be sure you are fine. You shouldn’t stick to an inconsiderate guy who makes it quite obvious that your well-being is none of his concern if you aren’t with him.

3. The special someone will not be afraid to express their deepest emotions

They say men aren’t expressive but the man who really loves you, he will probably be one of the most expressive men you have ever met! You should find yourself someone who will put out his heart in front of you, for you to read every emotion he feels for you. He will be very explicit how your love has consumed his soul.

4. You will experience things in a way you haven’t before

When the love is right, you will feel it in your bones. The novel sensations and exaggerated feelings will indicate how real the love is. Everything will feel different – it will simply be beautiful and crazy!

5. This person will acknowledge your imperfections and completely embrace you with all your flaws

Nobody is perfect. Even with your imperfections, you will be the most perfect partner for the right person. They will embrace your individuality and your shortcomings. This acceptance will only help you become better! Wait for someone who inspires you to be better.

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6. They will choose to live with only you and wouldn’t want to have a life without you

If you wait for the right person, they will make you feel extraordinary in every way possible. You will be so unique and special to them that they wouldn’t want to live without you. If they see a future, you are with them in it.

7. They will be super proud to have you

Your true love will always cheer you every step of the way. Acknowledging you in all your glory and achievement. They will spare no chance of expressing just how proud you make them with your successes and achievements.

8. They will make you believe in all the fairy tales you have ever read and heard about true love

True love can be as magical as you want it to be. You should wait for it. You should wait for someone who makes you believe that true love exists and that you two share a fairy tale of your own. They will reinstate your faith in real love – they will be the one for you!

Image source: Simon Matzinger/Flickr

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