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Brad Pitt’s Powerful Marriage Advice Will Melt Your Heart


Brad Pitt’s Powerful Marriage Advice Will Melt Your Heart

We don’t value Hollywood much. With all its depravity and scandals, it seems like a cesspool. But then, there are diamonds too.

Brangelina proved to be an amazing couple. They had a rocky marriage and they’re separated now, but we loved them. Even after their failure, Brad Pitt has come out with some solid advice on married life.

While it may seem funny to take marriage advice from Hollywood stars, these advice pack a punch:

1. Don’t give up that easily

As per some of the rumors, the couple is still trying to work things out, even when they were in the middle of the divorce. Ian Halperin, the biographer of the couple, says that they wanted to go for a new start. It doesn’t matter whether you go for traditional counselling or spiritual. Make sure you try hard not to give up.

2. Unconditional love rules

It’s a cliche and Brad Pitt knows it is, but while interviewing with GQ Style, he said that he understood setting someone you love free. For him, it meant loving without any possession – no expectations. When you are not in the limelight every time, loving your spouse unconditionally is easy. So start loving unconditionally.

3. There will be rough times

This comes without saying – there will be struggles. Hence the vows read for the better or worse. Going through worse times are difficult but that’s when you need to be together, power up and charge through. As their biographer said that they realized they’re happier as a couple than apart from each other.

4. Support each other

Every decision needs courage so you need to support your spouse whenever they make a decision. That’s the least you can do. That’s what Brad did when in 2013 his then-wife Angelina opted for a preventative double mastectomy. Of course, she was brave but Brad Pitt’s support was no less commendable. He had to trust in her choice. As he later said, support is important and one needs to stick together. Things could go haywire and in many directions but still support unconditionally.

5. Don’t disregard important issues

Never neglect issues which need you – there’s nothing more important. You should take some cues from Brangelina. When Jolie called Pitt and scared him with her medical issue, he stopped everything and took a flight back home. He knew his wife had to be the strongest now and he had to be there for her. It’d been terrible if he wasn’t there.

6. Value what you have

Often, we forget what we have while we’re busy. And that’s how you lose the most precious memories. Appreciate the morning coffee that you’ve made and look at your wonderful family. It’s beautiful. Pitt understood that a family would be a risky business. As he said, the more you love someone, the bigger will be the pain in losing them. But he appreciated his Angie all the time.

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7. Acknowledge what your strengths are and direct them in the right way

You are strong at some points but there are areas where you need to work. We all do. So it’s not for us to make all the decisions. If you ever want to be a good leader, you must learn to both serve and follow others. While talking about his decision to direct a movie, he touches on this point. He says that he trusts her and her knife-sharp intuition. And like the flirt he is, he acknowledges how sexy she looked at her position.

8. Never miss out on praising

Having a partner-for-life is difficult, but what’s even harder is having kids! Parenthood is a huge responsibility. She’s amazing, said Brad of Angelina’s parenting skills. She’d keep going till night and have an immense amount of energy even if her husband fell asleep.

9. Reflect on your love for your family

As he was going through the separation, Brad went inside and undertook some self-reflection. And that’s when it hit Pitt that he got to be more, a lot more than he is. Nobody’s perfect and there’s always room for improvement.

10. Keep Improving

Pitt realized it and it is time for us to do so. Marriage is a hard business but, while it has problems in it, we still try to keep it. Why? Because it matters! We know marriage is beautiful and the more we develop and grow with our spouse, the better our marriage will turn out.

Family is beautiful – it’s the only close thing we have got. And for all good things, we need to work hard. Patience is the key. And some help. So, let’s look at the tips and enjoy a happy married life!

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