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If Your Partner Say These 10 Phrases Know That They Really Love You


If Your Partner Say These 10 Phrases Know That They Really Love You

Real love is rare but it isn’t as hard to find either. We often get lost in the romanticized grandeur of love and neglect the actual gestures which are drenched in true love.

When someone loves you, they care for you – probably even more than they care for themselves. You are a priority for them and they are always concerned with your well-being.

True love doesn’t necessarily need to be expressed using grand gestures or huge confessions. At times, little things express your love better than the materialistic expressions of love.

If you hear these 10 things from your romantic partner, you hold onto them for they are truly and deeply in love with you!

1. “Be careful.”

Even though it sounds very nominal to ask someone to stay safe, it means a lot if it carries value. Someone who really loves you will constantly ask you to take care of yourself despite knowing that you will anyway. It is more a reminder that they care about your well-being.

2. “Do you need help?”

In busy times like today, people do not offer help just like that. If someone constantly asks you if you need assistance with the pettiest of tasks, such as carrying a heavy bag, they mean to show you that they are there for you for any and everything you need. They love you.

3. “This would be better with you here.”

When someone expresses just how things get better for them when you are around, know that they truly adore you. You don’t wish someone’s presence with you in some of the most exciting places but, someone who loves you, will still want you to be there for a better experience.

4. “I was thinking about you.”

You know how someone constantly overtakes your mind when you really love them? Well, it is what they will say to express just how much they think about you. Maybe they saw a movie which reminded them of you or they saw something and you came to mind. It is a much appreciated sentence in romantic relationships.

5. “I’m here if you need me.”

They don’t say it just for the sake of saying it but they really mean it. In fact, they have fulfilled their word time and time again. Someone who truly loves you will be there for you every time you need them to be.

6. “I miss you.”

Yearning someone’s companionship is a definite sign of true love. They say it to express just how important you are to them. When you are not around, they terribly miss you and want to be with you as soon as they can.

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7. “I want to know everything about you.”

People generally are self-observed and when someone shows interest in your life, it means they fancy you. True love is when they are eager to know everything about you and your life. The minutest of details matter to them and they don’t want to miss out on anything.

8. “You mean a lot to me.”

You are probably everything to the person who loves you. You mean an awful lot, a lot more than they can express and you can imagine. When they say it, they mean it. They will constantly remind you of your special place in their life and heart and remind you of the worth you have for them.

9. “In the future…”

Understandably, you do not imagine someone in your near future if they aren’t important to you. If you hear your partner always saying things which involve this phrase, like “in the future we would visit this place together”, they don’t see a future without you. They have envisioned a life where you two grow old together, stronger in love than ever before.

10. “I love you.”

It may sound cliche but if you hear it from someone who means it, it will have an impact you can only imagine. Someone truly in love with you wouldn’t go about saying it every now and then. They know when to say it and with what emotions. It is an open confession of their love for you!

So, if you have already heard all these 10 things from the same person, you need to consider just how lucky you are! They immensely love and respect you. You mean the world to them and they would do absolutely everything to keep you in their life.

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