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If He Shows You These 11 Signs Do Not Let Him Go. You’ve Got Yourself A Keeper


If He Shows You These 11 Signs Do Not Let Him Go. You’ve Got Yourself A Keeper

A good partner is shamefully difficult to come by. We spend our lives trying various combinations, trying to find out which one will stick. We roam this world with different check-lists trying to find the one that fits and the one that feels right.

Fairy tales may be difficult to come by, but they definitely exist. We have compiled 11 ways to determine if your man is “the one” and if he is the one to keep for life:

1. He Makes You Believe You’re Special

The right man will think the world of you. Around him, you will never be allowed to feel insufficient, or criticize yourself. They will think of you as a blessing, and convince you in due time. This is someone that simply makes you feel like you are the most beautiful person in the world, both inside and out.

2. He Inspires You

The greatest partner is somebody you can look up to. No relationship thrives without respect. He will teach you new things, and you will be inspired to do better in life. I don’t mean the kind of hierarchical division where you feel inferior. He will never let that happen.

3. He Supports You Through Thick And Thin

The perfect partner is also the world’s best cheer leader. He will always be in the sidelines, cheering you on. There is no way that this man is letting you feel the blues or let you step back from your goals. A truly good man is always supportive to his woman and he understands the importance of remaining supportive at all times, especially when you need it the most.

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4. He Is Always Looking To Better Himself

This means that he can be a sport about taking criticism. He will not wince or whine if you point out a flaw. Instead, you will always find him laboring to become the best version of himself. This is a person that constantly seeks self-improvement.

5. He Protects You

I don’t just mean physically. He ensures that you feel calm, mentally. A true lover will always care about your emotional state. When you’re with somebody who genuinely cares about you, your anxiety will stop misbehaving. Your man will make you feel safe and secure in every way possible.

6. He Realizes The Value Of Efforts

His surprises don’t always have to be flashy. Money really does not prove the worth of a person. He understands that small steps make a masterpiece, and works on them. Breakfast in bed, or picking you up from the office, or even remembering to call you back. It’s the little things that matter and he is never too busy for that.

7. He Does Not Lie

He understands the value of trust, and therefore, never lies. He would not want to betray you, and wishes to protect your bond in every way that he can. We would never take your trust for granted and leave you in the dark. He is an honest person, especially to his other half.

8. He Is Not Toxic For Your Health

Neither your physical, nor mental self feel negatively targeted by him. A nice man will never revel in the misfortune or pain of another person, let alone cause it. He wants the best you, and would never bring harm in any way.

9. He Believes In You

To him, you’re the world’s greatest miracle. He thinks you are capable of the stars, and see you as nothing less than a goddess. He refuses to tolerate your self-derogation, and cannot spot the flaws that you speak of.

10. He Labors For The Relationship

He has not taken you for granted. He constantly works to keep this bond afloat and thriving. He tries his best to iron out any glitch in your communications and genuinely wishes this relationship to be ever-lasting.

11. He Makes You His Priority

If he had an option between saving himself and you, he’d pick you in a blink. He is selfless and he puts you first in every situation and scenario. This man really loves you, and wants to ensure that you’re well taken care of. Through out your relationship, you will never feel lonely, inadequate, or severely morose. He’s got your back!

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