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7 Things A Narcissist Will Always Do in A Relationship


7 Things A Narcissist Will Always Do in A Relationship

To love someone with everything you have to give is the most beautiful thing ever, but not when it is someone who will not return even a fractional portion of it.

Read on to find out seven things a narcissist will definitely do to you in a relationship:

1. He will change you

When you get out of the relationship, you will find that you have completely changed as a person but not in a good way. You will notice that you have lost your sense of self and your identity or the belief that you deserve love too. You were so lost in being who he wanted you to be that now you do not know who you used to be before he changed you to suit his own needs. By the time you come out of it, you will be completely broken and with lost sense of identity. So please try to get out of that kind of relationship on time, before it is too late.

2. He will gain your trust

Narcissists are charming as it gets. It does not take time for them to gain the trust of other people and make them feel safe and like they can really let themselves loose around them. He will gain your trust and as you let him in and tell him all your secrets, it won’t be long before he starts using them to blackmail you and get you into it in a way that you cannot even leave. Gaining your trust is their first mission, and once that is settled, they can easily start manipulating you. Be careful not to let that happen.

3. He will tell you that he loves you

A narcissist only says the words “I love you” to hear it back because he has a need to be loved and worshiped. A narcissist saying those three words mean nothing like what the words are actually supposed to mean. He will say it to hear it back and make you love him, want him and worship him. Narcissists feed off of this paralysis of love. When a narcissist says “I love you”, those three words have a completely different meaning.

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4. He will isolate you

Narcissists are extremely intelligent and always aware that people who love you will recognize his true nature and intention before you do; therefore, they will cut everyone out of your life to make sure your world revolves around him. He also realizes that you are stronger and will have the good sense and strength to walk away from his toxicity which is why he will always make sure that he is all you have. He will keep you away from people who genuinely love you so that he can break your sense of self bit by bit, in order to make sure that there is only him in the relationship.

5. He will trap you

He will trap you in a way that will make you feel like you will never find love again. He will use his skills of manipulation to make you fall in love with him and form an attachment that you cannot walk away from. He will make you let him in and once he is in, he will break you from the inside and will also make sure you have nobody else to go to but just him. He will trap you in a tangle of lies and deceit.

6. He will destroy you

If you are unable to get out of the relationship on your own, he will abandon you without a second thought. When he finds that he has taken out all that he could from you and you no longer have enough to give him since he has made you pour it all out, he will leave you. When he does leave you, you will find that you have no sense of anything because the hell-hole of a relationship has taken everything you could offer.

7. You will have a chance to be reborn

When you do get out of the toxicity, you will find yourself lost but once you get through the difficult parts, you will find that you have emerged stronger and a completely new person.

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