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Warning Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You


Warning Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

The most difficult and painful feeling that anyone can undergo when married is to be cheated on. And the worst part is yet to come—the confrontation. No person ever accepts their role in cheating on their spouse. It is almost always denied upfront.

So, what do you do? You look for evidence that prove your partner is cheating on you. But before you reach there, you could look out for common signs that indicate that your spouse is cheating on you.

However, there is a possibility that even if these signs match, your partner isn’t really cheating on you. Certain signs may be true for a few relationships while for others it may not be so.

Then there are codes that nobody can deny are indicative of cheating. For instance, clearing the chat history, editing the Internet browsing history, speaking over the phone away from everyone and in a secretive manner, or being untraceable most of the time. There could be many indications that can catch your attention and they can be seen collectively as signs of cheating.

These are the signs to look out for if your spouse is cheating on you: 

1. Your spouse appears to be disinterested in everything. There is no excitement in your partner’s life regarding you, your kids, or even the job. The disinterestedness in everything becomes too obvious.

2. Your partner is constantly looking for an external thrill or danger to trigger enthusiasm.

3. You both lack an intimate relationship. There is withdrawal from any emotional connection.

4. Your sexual intimacy has either come to an end or on another extreme. Your spouse wants to try new things that neither of you have practiced before.

5. Your partner expresses low self-worth.

6. Your spouse expresses the least possible jealousy regarding you.

7. There is an indication of lack of confidence present in your partner.

8. There is hardly any participation in the household activities by your spouse. He/she doesn’t seem invested at home.

9. Your spouse shows negative behavior about everything.

10. Your spouse questions you with critical statements very often.

11. Your partner seems to find a reason to argue with you. Your fights are becoming more frequent.

12. There’s hardly any interaction or communication when you’re together. Despite your initiative, the communication pattern is weak.

13. In case issues like extra-marital affairs or infidelity come up during a conversation, your partner becomes defensive about it.

14. There is an unusual attention directed at you by your spouse.

15. Your partner seems to be over-timing at the office.

16. There is an unexpected change in your partner’s appearance. One can detect more involvement with oneself and a desire to look a certain way.

17. Credit card bills don’t seem like regular payments. There has been some untraceable spending in the recent past.

18. The smell of the after-shave or the cologne doesn’t seem familiar.

19. There is least involvement of your partner regarding family events and birthdays.

20. You can trace a lot of lies from the recent past.

21. Finance is a frequent cause for arguments between the two of you.

22. Your spouse doesn’t initiate or reply to ‘I love you’ anymore.

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23. There is less interest in spending time with you, both inside and outside of home.

24. Your spouse doesn’t even fight or cross you anymore.

25. You feel denied of your partner’s attention.

26. Your spouse doesn’t seem to be religiously involved.

27. Your mate appears guarded about everything.

28. There are lipstick stains on the clothes.

29. You haven’t cheated on your partner but have caught STD.

30. If you try confrontation with your spouse, the response doesn’t seem satisfying.

Trust your intuition that is indicating something astray about your relationship because it could be true. There may be anything from emotional to physical form of cheating but you could sit and match your intuitive thoughts with these signs.

In case your partner isn’t cooperating with you regarding your concerns on this, you may want to seek professional advice about the situation. Or simply look for a concrete evidence for it.

8 Signs You Are Being Cheated On

According to NBC, 22% of partners in a monogamous relationship are #unfaithful. Here are the tell-tale signs of #cheating. #Busted #Relationships #Marriage

Posted by Sasha Carrion Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Image source: Dan Zen/Flickr

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