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Unknown Citizen Fills Pothole Without Consent- Private Company Gets Enraged And Looks For Justice

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Unknown Citizen Fills Pothole Without Consent- Private Company Gets Enraged And Looks For Justice

Both the police and the Public Works Department in Cornwall, England, have been looking for a mystery driver who is said to have filled in a huge pothole in the middle of the road with cement.

British people know that roads aren’t always in great shape, but people in Cornwall had to go extra miles to avoid the area at the top of Tanhouse Road and Bodmin Hill in Lostwithiel because there was a big hole in the road.

This road was officially closed at the start of April. A representative for the Cornwall Council said that the surface of the road had become worse because of a problem with drainage that had been going on for a while.

But after a month of no action from the government, an unknown person got fed up with the huge hole and chose to fill it in themselves with concrete over the first weekend of May.

The do-it-yourself fix did work for a while, and the road was open again for a short time. Still, the road was stopped again by Cormac, the road repair company for the Cornwall Council, because their team hadn’t done the official work yet.

That person has now been found, and the heads of Cornwall Highways are on the hunt. They also said that the job had been done by an unknown person who took down the signs without permission.

The company said that the road would be closed until June 9th, once they fixed all the potholes that needed to be fixed.

“If information about who did the work becomes known in the community, I would appreciate it if details could be shared,” said one manager for Cornwall Highways. Cornwall councilor for Lanreath and Lostwithiel, Colin Martin, said that this pothole was “the perfect metaphor for how the whole public sector is falling apart because of not investing enough.”

According to Mr. Martin, who spoke to Cornwall Live, “The latest is that the road has been closed again and will remain closed until it is ‘properly’ repaired by Cormac, but they say this could be weeks away as all available teams have been diverted to filling smaller potholes on roads which are still open. Over the past two years, the Conservatives running Cornwall Council have cut the budget for road resurfacing and proactive maintenance. As a result of this short-sighted decision, potholes are now appearing across Cornwall faster than Cormac can fill them in.”

This is not the first time a city resident has taken on the role of city official.

Someone in Toronto saw in 2017 that the community garden needed a new set of park stairs. The city, on the other hand, says it will cost between $65,000 and $150,000. That’s why the man built it himself for just $550. You can guess that the city was very upset.

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