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A Man Slammed Taylor Swift’s ‘Idiotic And Shameful Move’ Chugging Alcohol On TV

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A Man Slammed Taylor Swift’s ‘Idiotic And Shameful Move’ Chugging Alcohol On TV

People who work to stop people from drinking have called James Swanwick a “misogynist” after he said Taylor Swift was “chugging beer” for the camera at the Super Bowl.

When the camera pans to James in the million-dollar VIP box during the big game, she is upset to see the star pick up a jug and scull it. James has been sober for 12 years.

He says he lost 1,600 fans in 24 hours after posting about the Anti-Hero hitmaker’s game day activities. The 48-year-old calls himself a Swiftie.

He said, “Taylor Swift downing alcohol on National TV and thinking it’s cool or funny is idiotic and shameful in my opinion.”

“She’s just perpetuated the mistaken belief that alcohol is desirable.”

After the post went global, James told FEMAIL that the word “shameful” might have been too strong and that he could have used different words to describe the moment.

But he is sure that Taylor did something wrong when she drank the beer at the event with all the stars while millions of people watched on her account.

He said, “Intentionally chugging beer on the Jumbotron, and being proud of it, perpetuates the mistaken and destructive belief that drinking alcohol is funny, cool and desirable.”

“When in actual fact alcohol is just attractively packaged poison and just one drink per day has been shown to have a degenerative affect on the brain.”

James made it clear that he thinks Taylor is a great example, but that she “fell short” at the Super Bowl.

“She can do whatever she wants behind closed doors,” he said.

“But I am disappointed that she intentionally glamourised drinking on international TV while millions of children were watching.”

James then said that the friendship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce has made a lot of young women interested in the NFL.

It has also made a lot of people want to watch the Super Bowl. Brands aimed at women, like Dove, even ran ads during the game.

“Young girls might now think that chugging alcohol is glamorous, or funny or cool,” he said, worried.

James has criticized George Clooney, The Rock, and Ryan Reynolds for making drinking look cool before, but his posts have never caused so much trouble.

“I was surprised by the reaction to my post. I was watching it – in the first hour 100 followers were gone, in the second hour 100 followers were gone, I lost 1,600 in 24 hours,” he said.

“The irony is I love Taylor Swift. I am trying to get tickets to the concerts in London.”

James got a lot of texts from Swifties calling him sexist, telling him to stop following her, and telling him to leave her alone.

One woman wrote, “Don’t ever put women down, ever.”

“Shaming a woman for having a drink? You and me not drinking alcohol is fine – but berating people for having a non-specified drink is not. And the misogyny.”

Someone else told him to “give Taylor a break.”

“The misognystic undercurrents here are gross. She doesn’t answer to you.”

“Who made you God to judge her?” asked a third.

Others, though, praised him for calling her out.

“Millions of little girls will be chugging beer because of that. It is sad but true,” one woman agreed.

“I have a 17-year-old daughter who is obsessed with Taylor Swift, and to see her downing alcohol that way was disappointing. She is a very influential lady and ye while that may be hard for her she still has a responsibility,” said another.

After choosing one day while having a terrible hangover to not drink for 30 days, James has been sober since 2012.

His goal when he started his business in 2015 was to help people stop drinking or drink less.

He now has a program called Alcohol Free Lifestyle that lasts 90 days and helps people give up drinking for good.

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