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Body Language Expert Exposed The Truth Behind Taylor Swift’s “Interesting Behavior” At Super Bowl

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Body Language Expert Exposed The Truth Behind Taylor Swift’s “Interesting Behavior” At Super Bowl

Everyone is talking about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce right now. They’ve been the “it” couple for about six months now, and it doesn’t look like they’ll slow down any time soon.

For months, the couple’s growing relationship has been in the public eye. One big reason for this is that Swift often goes to NFL games to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in overtime to win the Super Bowl this past weekend in a very exciting game. Swift and Kelce had a fairy tale moment after the game, when they were seen hugging and cuddling after Kelce won the Lombardi Trophy.

A professional has apparently looked at the couple’s body language and decided that neither Taylor nor Travis is afraid to show affection in public.

It’s not a surprise that everyone looked at the couple after the Kansas City Chiefs won their fourth Super Bowl in a row on Sunday. There were even reports that Kelce might propose to Swift if his team won. While that didn’t happen, the two were seen celebrating by hugging and kissing each other.

Kelce even did his own version of “Viva Las Vegas” after the game, while Taylor went down to the field with the football star’s mom, Donna.

The Chiefs tight end walked over to his girlfriend, Swift, and said, “Come here, baby.” Donna then had her own special moment with her son.

An expert in psychology watched the couple’s body language during and after the event and came to the conclusion that they are in a “genuine relationship,” which goes against the idea that their relationship is just for show.

In the beginning, expert Darren Stanton said, “I was sceptical of this relationship in the early stages, but because she is so full on now, with her emotions, I think this is a real relationship.”

“She’s being true and consistent in her emotions and feelings towards Travis. This is not a PR stunt, this is a genuine relationship.”

Another thing Stanton talked about was the idea that Swift seemed more at ease showing love in public than Kelce did. The expert supported Kelce, saying that the tight end was just having a good time.

“From a non-verbal perspective, it’s as if she’s more into him, or she’s much more comfortable with public displays of affection than he is,” Stanton said.

“At the end of the day, this is his moment, this is what his career is all about. This is the most important night of his life; she should understand that as well.”

“She’s got her arms wrapped around him completely, it’s quite gushy, she appears to be quite emotional here – it’s very interesting behaviour.”

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