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This is Why Genius Minds Always Wear The Same Clothes

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This is Why Genius Minds Always Wear The Same Clothes

Capsule wardrobe has been the latest fashion, or rather a practical trend that has been doing the rounds in and beyond the fashion industry.

Coined in the 70’s by a London boutique owner Susie Faux, it pushed forward the concept of minimalistic styling. It basically means collection of a few essential and versatile clothing items that you wear instead of a wardrobe full of clothes which you hardly wear.

Owing to its practicality and the ability to de-stress the whole process of dressing up, this concept has gained quick momentum. Some notable followers have been various politicians and businessmen.

This raises the question as to why some of the richest people on Earth, with the money to buy almost any clothing item they wish to would choose this? What makes capsule movement so appealing?

In the following 6 explanations, we attempt to list the reasons why more and more celebrities are embracing this concept.

1. Fewer selection headaches

The common factor between politicians, businessmen, or even celebrities is power. Every day they make decisions with huge implications, affecting them and thousand others in the process.

This is an exhausting work, and leads to something called ‘decision fatigue’ that influences their decision making skills.

Former US president Barack Obama, an ardent follower of this trend, said limiting his clothing options left him with more time to devote to activities that mattered more.

He explains, “You’ll see I wear only grey or blue suits. I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing, because I have too many other decisions to make”.

2. The gift of time

I’ve always felt like I have nothing to wear even though I own a wardrobe full of clothes. Most of them were neither of my style, nor suited my day to day needs.

A few months ago I finally decided to transform the hoarder-me into a fashionably-practical me. And thus started my tryst with ‘Project 333’.

It is simple enough, discard every clothing item except 33 which according to you are versatile enough for 3 months.

Glad to inform that I’ve successfully completed the 3 months and am still going strong. Why, you ask? Well, the most important reason is that I discovered that I now have fewer decision headaches and a lot more time to spend on activities that matter more.

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3. Stress Therapy

New York based art director Matilda Kahl cited ‘decision fatigue’ and the lack of time as the driving force behind her choosing to wear the same outfit every day. According to her this greatly reduces the stress of having to choose different outfits and wondering if she got it right or not.

“Is this too formal? Is it too out there? Is this dress too short?” questions like these kept swarming her mind. “Almost every time I’d choose something to wear and regret it as soon as I hit the subway platform” she rues.

Having now reduced her wardrobe to her trademark look of white shirt and black trousers has certainly helped shave some of the stress off of Ms Kahl’s life.

4. Limited wardrobe saves energy

Christopher Nolan, one of Hollywood’s most celebrated directors, is another one of the more distinguished followers of this trend.

He can now be typically spotted wearing black trousers and a blue dress shirt under a dark jacket. Nolan recently told the New York Time Magazine that ‘choosing anew what to wear each day’ was a ‘waste of energy’ which could be better used elsewhere.

And he has a valid point, a larger wardrobe always leads to more time and energy spent on organizing and deciding.

5. It saves money too

In the 1930’s an average woman owned 9 outfits as compared to an average woman today who is estimated to own a whooping 30 clothing options each.

It has also been estimated that an average American family forks out $1.700 each year on clothes alone. This might not seem like a huge amount at one glance, but it could undoubtedly be said that most of these purchases were not borne out of necessity.

Thus choosing a capsule wardrobe will help you save the two most important factors in any person’s life: time, and money.

6. Provides perspective

Nostalgia plays an important role in us holding on to clothes that neither fit us any longer, nor are practical anymore.

But its not just us who struggle with these feelings. In a recent article for Refinery 29, Drew Barrymore writes about her rationale for severing all sentimental ties with the clothes from her youth.

She states “For starters, I’m almost 40, and the 20’s clothes don’t make sense anymore. And, after two babies, the 30’s clothes don’t fit anymore. I’m at a clothing crossroads and it’s a painful one at times”.

The idea of a Capsule Wardrobe has certainly brought a refreshing, practical change to a world obsessed with outside appearance and glamour.

Here’s to hoping it stays and reforms more of us into becoming less fickle and more in touch with our actual necessities.

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