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A Buddhist Nun Reveals The 5 Ultimate Keys to Happiness


A Buddhist Nun Reveals The 5 Ultimate Keys to Happiness

The year 1997 witnessed the point blank robbery of woman going by the name of Emma Slade while she was staying at a hotel in her very own hotel room, in Jakarta, Capital of Indonesia. A wealthy high placed banker by profession was pinned down to the ground with a gun pointed at her while simultaneously all of her belongings were being stolen.

As is common in man after receiving shock, he takes recourse and so did she. She traveled across the world to the Himalayas, where she began life in a new light. She traded riches for spirituality. She was taken in by the idea of studying Buddhism, after her meeting with a spiritual guide-a lama. A charity called Opening Your Heart To Bhutan is run by her as of the current day.

She discovered happiness and offers us the key to the same. In her endeavors, she enlists the following five points:

1. Taking Good Out of Every Bad Situation

It is found in most cases that light usually comes from the narrow road. Taking on the brighter side of things, Emma looked at the attack as the primary reason for her spiritual rejuvenation. It seemed profound to her to have completely lost control over her life for a brief period of time. She attributes it for her wandering off to the Himalayas and finding peace and inner happiness there.

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2. Allow Forgiveness and Empathy to Overtake Hate

Her selfless spiritual nature was reflected upon when she said she only felt compassion for the gunman on being shown his picture. She said he helped her develop herself in perspective of the person she was before, and a person better than the rogue himself. She made room for the greater good and for more positivity in herself. She gained empathy, and a myriad human emotions accompanied with vulnerability, adding to her roster of preexisting skills, which just made for a more complete and whole human being.

3. Make Finding Peace a Priority

Peace is not uncovered by virtue of waiting but by active seeking. Emma suggests, her journey to the Himalayas being requiring spiritual, emotional and physical competence was the one that led her to the achievement of true peace. Peace should be sought as a first priority, and not be kept second in precedence to any other feeling, desire or emotion.

4. Find Ways That Help You Achieve a Calm State

Emma suggests more ways than the conventional ways of meditation and the likes to help you find inner tranquility. For instance: connecting with nature, getting out of the city, petting an animal. Creativity coupled with physical state also contributes a great deal to the same aspect. So it is advisable to listen to music, paint, take photographs and, needless to say, have a lifestyle that is not sedentary. Concentration of the mind is quintessential in achieving calmness. Day to day activities like the aforesaid help in stimulation of dopamine receptors in the brain that help maintain a state of happiness and inner serenity naturally, and help develop a better functioning mental and spiritual health system.

5. Follow Buddhist Ideals

This religion has in its roots kindness to all things that breathe. Consciously looking out for the greater good of other people boosts positivity in more ways than one can think. Being able to forgive is a great virtue. Becoming better as a person and being able to acknowledge it are small stepping stones that one needs to take, to know that he is treading the right path.

Watch Her TED talk Bellow (Highly Recommended):

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