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This Cute Video Of A Girl In The Middle Of A Puppy Pile Will Warm Your Heart

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This Cute Video Of A Girl In The Middle Of A Puppy Pile Will Warm Your Heart

Who doesn’t love cuddling with comfy, furry pups?

You must have heard about how a dog is a man’s best friend. Well, a man sure loves small pups more than an adult dog. Even those who don’t like dogs, sure go all lovey-dovey when they come across a puppy. Just look at this lady buried under the pile of golden puppies who don’t seem to get enough of her!

Cuteness of puppies can never be overestimated. Do you notice how we say “puppy-dog-eyes” when someone is trying to be cute or convincing with this thing they do with their eyes? That is analogical to the eyes of a puppy when he is vulnerable or sad or simply being cute! So, we can imagine just how much we adore puppies.

Look at the video… Doesn’t it look like we all could use a therapy like this when we get back home after a tiring day? We sure do. If you own a dog or two, you would know how relaxing it is when we get to hug them as soon as we get home. That longing feeling your dog passes through you as soon as he jumps into your lap when he sees you can be therapeutic. Now, imagine that vibe coming from a group of lovable, little puppies…. You feel the tension leaving your body, no? Feel that warm ball of fur against your skin. How good does that feel?

Watching this video might hit you right in the feels as many of us can relate to the feelings one get when surrounded by puppies. Surely, many of us would want a couple of them after watching this video! As for those who still aren’t convinced, what else could possibly move your heart! These puppies are truly a ray of sunshine on a dark day for many of us!

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Watch the video below:

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Posted by Sunnyside Goldens on Monday, 23 July 2018

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