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This Viral Video Of A 25-Year-Old Guy Dancing Is Breaking All The Stereotypes

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This Viral Video Of A 25-Year-Old Guy Dancing Is Breaking All The Stereotypes

If you think you can’t pursue your dreams because of how you look, you need to watch this video!

A lot of times, we see people back off from achieving their goals merely because they aren’t confident enough in how they appear. Erik Cavanaugh is an inspiration to all such people. Watch the video and you will understand why – an overweight man dancing to Beyonce’s “Haunted” in high heels? That is how you break stereotypes with a bang!

What image do we have of an average professional dancer? Someone with a lean body, right? Well, that is definitely not necessary and Cavanaugh has proven it. Dance is a form of expression and from this performance in this video, he is able to express really well.

Cavanaugh is now a freelancer, working as a choreographer and dance teacher. If you witness his moves in the video, you would realise he is anything but short of grace – the hand movements, the flexibility and the passion is all jammed up! It is all due to the constant efforts he made in bettering himself at what he knows best and has a passion for. He ignored what others had to say and focused merely on what made him feel good – dance! He loves it so much that he earned a degree in dance from the Slippery Rock University.

If you glide through the comments below the video, you will see how many people are appreciating him for what he does. They love how bold he is to go out there and live his dream.

Appreciators wish more people had the guts to do what he is doing – which is truly his success as a performer.

He continues to inspire people with his pieces and help people by sharing his talent with those who aspire to dance like he does.

Erik Cavanaugh, you are a force to reckon with!

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Watch the video below:

Jamming out to some Beyoncé🎶 “Haunted” by BeyoncéFollow me on my Instagram for more videos

Posted by Erik Cavanaugh on Thursday, 31 May 2018

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