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Michael Jackson Does The Moonwalk Dance For The First Time On Camera

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Michael Jackson Does The Moonwalk Dance For The First Time On Camera

Understandably enough, as soon as you read the word moonwalking, one name would have popped right up in your head: Michael Jackson!

How did he pioneered the move that marked a turning point in his career? In case you were wondering if Michael Jackson was actually the first person to come up with an idea of moonwalking, gliding back while appearing to move forward, this video will shed light on a number of facts.

If you have ever known Michael Jackson’s history, you would know how he was a group member of one of the Motown’s most famous artist bands, Jackson 5. It all happened on the TV special celebration of the Motown Records 25th anniversary where Michael Jackson ask for a stipulation – we all can guess what it was! He asked for a solo performance apart from the one with his brothers.

So, when Michael had the stage all to himself, it was the beginning of a historic moment and the dance move which would continue to stun the people of all generations. It was then he sported his iconic white-glove for the first time while performing that astounding rendition of “Billie Jean.” The highlight of that performance, though, was the moonwalk he pulled of a minute before the song was meant to end. It was a knockout and the crowd went crazy when he did it, rightfully so.

His moonwalk earned him huge fame. Not that he was infamous before that, but inventing an iconic move isn’t something which happens regularly. It wasn’t even rehearsed before the performance and Michael publicly did it for the first time in front of the audiences only.

Imagine what amazement the audience would be in when they first saw a hypnotic dance move like that! Even today, anyone who can pull it off correctly gets huge credit for it – Michael duly experienced his career as a solo artist soaring after it.

Thanks to Weird History for this amazing video!

Watch the first moonwalk ever done on camera:

Michael Jackson Moonwalking For The First Time On Camera

RIP Michael Jackson, there's a reason you were called the King of Pop.

Posted by Weird History on Monday, 25 June 2018

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