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95-Year-Old Granny Winning A Rap Dance Battle Will Make Your Day

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95-Year-Old Granny Winning A Rap Dance Battle Will Make Your Day

Breaking the stigma: 95-year-old takes the lead at a Rap Dance Battle!

Nursing homes can be really lonesome and restraining for the residents, but it doesn’t mean they do not know how to have fun!

Take it from the 95-year-old Irma Shafer who took down Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick at a rap dance battle. Not that the dance-off was planned, but Shafer couldn’t hold back and got her groove on. All Kirkpatrick wanted was a fun day for Loveland Health Care Nursing & Rehab Center by throwing a tailgate party.

The DJ, however, made the mood and then, as you can see in the fun-filled video, real party started!

As soon as DJ played the mashup of Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode” and Warren G’s “Regulate”, dance floor warmed up and Kirkpatrick found himself dancing against the unconventional yet sassy moves of Shafer.

It wasn’t long until her nursing home friends joined her in the fun and made the best of it.

Even though Kirkpatrick was on the dance floor first, as soon as Shafer took the stage, she was under the limelight and for all the right reasons. Just look at her, dancing away with that beautiful smile on her face. She is so absorbed in the moment that she didn’t even realise Kirkpatrick hi-fived her. We all crave that kind of fun, now, don’t we?

If seeing the 95-year-old dance like a graceful, beautiful lady didn’t make you smile, not sure what will! She just doesn’t look cute, she looks adorable pulling off dance moves like that. Genuinely speaking, we should be her level of carefree and in-the-moment when it comes to having fun and the time of our lives!

Breaking stereotypes seems like on the hit list for Shafer and she has precisely hit the mark. Collective response from her internet fans is just another proof Shafer’s swag is unbeatable.

Thanks to WLWT for this amazing video! Make sure to follow them on Facebook and YouTube!

Watch this amazing video bellow:

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